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Should I wait on NHS or go private?

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Hi beautiful ladies,

I am currently on NHS waiting list. Last year in August my GP referred me to gynae/fertility department of our local hospital. I got my first appointment in Oct, 2019. It took then 5 months to do all the tests. My next appointment is coming up end of the next month.

Since I have found out that the crucial stage is NHS funding which take about 4 - 6 weeks to approve and once approved it depends on your clinic's waiting list around 3 - 5 months to start the treatment. I am thinking about the private option. It is not easy for us to fund IVF/ICSI privately.

should I keep on waiting with NHS or take a risk and go private? I am turning 34 next year and we want at least 2 kids.

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Hi ya...

We still had a 4month wait privately from 1st consultation to actual transfer day as our clinic still wanted to do certain tests although we had already done them on the NHS

I also think it all depends on your finances as well.

We went private as we wasn’t entitled to NHS funding due to having a elder child so had no choice. After two rounds fresh & frozen we were eventually scraping the bottom of the barrel especially when it came to the meds (lubion) roughly £500pm until 13weeks of pregnancy. I think that’s the bit nobody makes clear when first embarking on the IVF Journey. I guess they don’t tell you about it until you get that BFP

Anyway I hope my experience helps you and good luck on your journey with whatever choice you make, it’s all worth it in the end and you soon forget about what has been spent. x

Thank you so much for sharing your experience x

I was under impression that after 1st consultation/ full assessment, if results come clear you can straight start with your next cycle. We have done already bloods test, AFC Ultrasound Scan and HyCoSy with NHS. What tests can take long in private clinics too?

NHS is not really free for us; My hubby will need to pay £500 because he pays for the NHS surcharge and I will need to pay approximately £1500 for my meds. True nobody makes it clear and explain you the hidden costs. I have found ABC IVF in London, they claim their package includes everything you need for an IVF/ICSI.

I have heard ABC is cheap (comparatively to the other clinics anyway!).

I am thinking of booking an initial consultation with them for next month because I am not very good waiting too. I am worrying myself more and this waiting game is making it worst.

Hi rainbow. This is where I was just over a year and a half ago. I am not very good at waiting and very aware of time ticking away, so I initially went down the egg-sharing route, which meant my treatment was mostly paid for, whilst also courting the NHS route. I became pregnant from the egg-sharing cycle, but also accepted for NHS funding. I subsequently had a MMC, but was still eligible for NHS funding as it was available for 6 months from approval. Having used up our NHS go and no longer eligible for egg sharing, we have had to bite the bullet and pay privately. It really sucks when there's no guarantees and you're paying thousands. Depends on your preference and financial situation.

Thank you sharing your story ttcemmie x

It does suck when there is no guarantees and you are paying your hard earned money. My CCG allows 1 full cycle if a woman has previously privately funded one or two cycle and it fails/no live birth. So I am thinking I could stay on NHS while I try private and if it is not a successful one then I will still have my NHS option.

This decision is tough financially and emotionally. I wish NHS didn't have this long waiting track.

Hello dear- oh, we weren’t entitled to NHS funding regardless but I wouldn’t have waited - can’t stand having to wait for ages! My private clinic in London has no waiting times (and it’s one of the best!) so started my treatment 2 weeks after my first appointment to discuss with a consultant (and I have risked to have it ti postpone it thanks to the NHS that messed up my blood tests!we’ve saved a bit of money there but was just added stress).

If you can afford it financially, I’d say go private ( and I work for the NHS ahahaha!)

Sending love xxxx

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Thank you lovely for sharing your experience.

Haha there is a long wait for NHS staff too ... Yeah I now feel like I waited 5 months just for just that they can yes I am entitled to funds and I am going in circles. God knows when they will show a green flag!!!

Sending love and good wishes to you too xxx

Hi there, we were treated through the NHS. We were referred in November 2018, and we got our top of the waiting list appointment (which doesn't mean you start treatment as I found out!) For the first week the following March. After all the tests being carried out we then finally started treatment 1st July 2019. I can't really comment on private treatment but I would imagine that the same tests and diagnostics would have to be carried out prior to treatment starting. The time does seem to go by quickly though if it's any consolation, and of course it will depend which clinic you choose as to what time frames you are looking at xx

Thank you hun for sharing your experience xx

Congratulations on successfully completing it. Hope all is going well for you.

Thank you, obviously we all have a different experience on this journey, I just wanted to share a positive one with you to hopefully help you to make your decision. Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx

The nhs told me 2-3 years for ivf I went private I had an appointment within a week x

2-3 years!!!!

Now when you look back, do you say you made the best choice? xx

Yes definitely I’m 30 weeks pregnant x

Aww that is so sweet. It is definitely worth it!!!

Sending love and best wishes xx

Good luck with your ivf 😊 x

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