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I'm going back in for another attempt, this time FET...more anxious this time!


It's been a while, so we had our 1st failed ICSI in May last year and decided to take a break to focus on my new job, get married, move house etc. So all we have left to do is get married in September. We however are getting itchy feet and want to get on with our one and only FET before going for another full cycle after the wedding (if needed).

We have been feeling a bit negative though about this one because the grade is poor, only a 4BC and our last embies didnt develop, one did not implant and the other sadly miscarried at 11 weeks but I was told at my first scan that it wasn't going to survive.

I have a feeling this poor embryo business could be due to my partner's sperm quality but cannot say for sure and our clinic just says we need to keep trying (frustrating).

However we are going to try again and hope for a miracle!!! We are thinking going to the drug cycle as opposed to natural cycle because at least there is no risk about timing going wrong?

It's strange how this time I feel even more scared. I'm scared at the risk of the embryo not thawing properly and the cycle being cancelled before we even get a chance, that will tear us apart! I'm worried about the grading and likelihood of it not working because of how our last ones played out.

This time, I am going to make sure I am fitter, healthier and stress free because I know that last time I was under a lot of stress with work.

Is anyone else in a similar situation or know of any success stories with FETs, poor grades and male infertility???

Love to hear from you.... xxx

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