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Third FET - transfer 1 or 2 embryos this time? Only ever transferred one before

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I know this question has probably been asked many times before, sorry about that!

I would love some advice. It looks likely that I’ll be doing my 3rd FET next week (just waiting for blood results).

I’ve had 6 x rounds of clomid induction, all negative, then 2 x frozen embryo transfers. 1 was a negative (top grade 4AA) and one was a blighted ovum miscarriage (5AB).

I was age 34 when those embryos were created. I’ve recently turned 36 and have done another egg collection. I’m looking to transfer an embryo/s from this recent collection. My clinic originally told me they thought we should transfer 2 embryos next time. Today our consultant is saying perhaps we should still just transfer 1 due to risk of twins. They haven’t been tested. I was all set to transfer 2 (based on their original advice) and now I don’t know what to do. Our best grades are 5BA (two of these) and the others are all BB grades.

They have had assisted hatching and are not PGS tested.

Thanks in advice, I always find you ladies so helpful xxx

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Hi Peanut :)I'm never sure what to do to be honest! I've done 2 double transfers and 1 single, all negative so for me it depends on how many I have left really. My decision on the numbers was based on how many cycles we had with the NHS and the waiting times - so nothing too romantic (in terms of twins). I'm pretty sure the grading doesn't make all that much difference in the end, I've heard loads of stories of low grade embies becoming healthy babies - so I wouldn't worry too much about that....

We're just waiting to see how many of our eggs from this cycle make it to blasto - if we get more than 3 I will do a double transfer this time - but if we only get 1 or 2 then we'll put back just the one - as I would prefer to eke them out than have to go through EC again...

At the end of the day it's such a personal choice - best of luck to you! xx

Hey Millbanks, thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. I think we might go for 2 this time. It’s so time consuming and expensive. Best of luck with your cycle, sounds like you’ll be transferring soon too? Xx

Yes that's the other side of it too! It's so expensive to keep transferring 1 at a time!! Argh! We had egg collection on Wednesday so really hoping for a fresh transfer on Monday (it would be my first) - in the dreaded 5DW! Lots of love to you xxx

Ah the dreaded 5DW! It’s so tough! Everything crossed that you get some good embryos to use Millbanks 🤞🏻xxx

Thank you lovely!! Trying not to think about it 🤦🏼‍♀️💖

Hey Peanut,

By the time I got to my 3rd FET I knew I wanted 2 transferred and thankfully one stuck. I can honestly say it was the best decision for me. A risk yes - especially as I’m doing this as a single parent but still worth it I thought.

I had a 3BB and a 4BC transferred. I am 40 so a few years on you but also more of a risk of twins because of that. Maybe you could transfer two of your BB’s?

I would go for it 🤗 xxx

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Peanutchips in reply to CLDxxx

Ahh thanks so much for this CLDxxx, really appreciate your response. Yes, I do feel ready to go for two, seeing as it’s my 3rd attempt. Soooo happy for you that it worked. Congrats! I hope your pregnancy is going well xx

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CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

I saw a gynaecologist privately when I had my hysteroscopy and she always said transfer 2!

Thanks lovely. Yes all good here ☺️ grateful everything single day.

Good luck with what you decide and your transfer xxx

Hi Peanutchips, Ive always transferred 2 where possible. Whilst we understood the risk of multiples we also knew that it increased our success rates and with our history we needed all the help we could get and struggled to believe 2 would stick as we were having no luck having any stick. Of course we are now expecting twins and I don't regret it, yes it will be tough but I know we will get there. I guess if you have weighed up the risks then go with your gut feeling.xx

Thanks so much for your reply Cindy! I really appreciate it. I’m so pleased you transferred two and are expecting twins. Such a wonderful end to your long journey! Do you know how much putting two in increases your chance of pregnancy? My clinic said it doesn’t increase chances by much but increases twin risk by a lot, although didn’t give specifics xx

Thank you!! It doesnt shoot it up hugely but I'm sure it adds another 15% or something if I remember correctly! I know a fair few people that have transferred 2 and only had singleton but also know a few that have transferred 2 and got twins.xx

Thanks Cindy! Super helpful 😊 xx

Hi Peanutchips. Oh that age old question! Perhaps because you have been through so many disappointments, speak t your embryologist about transferring 2 embryos this time. If I'm honest and it was me, I would do 2. Good luck with your decision making and for success this time, whatever you decide. Diane

Thanks so much for this Diane. I really appreciate your advice and honestly. I think we will probably go with two this time 😊 xx

Like the others, I would go two as well. I have always had at least 2 transferred (sometimes three), managed one singleton pregnancy from one triple transfer and otherwise BFNs. Whilst there has been a real burst of twins on here recently most people only go on to have one from double transfers xx

Thanks so much for your reply Daisy, really helps to hear from others. Yeah, I haven’t had any luck so far so tempted to start putting two in now. Do you have a transfer coming up? Xx

Personally I would do 1 at a time. My impression is that the cumulative probability to get pregnant is higher by doing 2 single transfers rather than 1 double transfer. Embryos could interact negatively etc. But I could be wrong.

Thanks for this Lilly! Yes I was wondering about this, is there a research that you’ve seen? Do embryos have to be the same (ish) grade to each other for example? Xx

I have not seen any research, as it would be impossible to say if an embryo had worked if you had transferred separately, once it's been transferred. But if you look at success mentioned on forums, if sounds to me that the ladies end up doing the same number of transfers before success whether they transfer 1 or 3 embryos. Which could mean that the 2 additional embryos were wasted. Again, it's not scientific but from reading the forum, and doing my own stats. I might be wrong but I have come to a firm belief that it's in my best interest to do 1 at a time.

Thanks so much for your replies, always helpful to read a mix of different perspectives! Xx

Re embryo grading: I personally believe embryo grading is bullshit. I read one post by a US IVF doctor saying that grading an embryo was as scientific as trying to guess by looking at someone if he is intelligent or not. I think it's probably true. So I would not rely on any embryo grading for myself.

Hey! I actually asked for two embryos to be transferred for my next FET (as my first fresh cycle failed) and my consultant talked me out of it. Mainly my age, I’m 30 and she said I’d have a higher risk of twins. I actually wouldn’t mind twins if I knew all would be okay carrying them - but she said given my frame (I’m petite) amongst many other reasons, she’d advise I only transfer one at a time. I agreed for this time round but I think if this next cycle fails (and hopefully it doesn’t), then I think I’d push for two.

Best of luck xxx

I transferred 2 and am having twins - I would say do it but only if you are prepared for a twin pregnancy mentally (as much as you can be!). This was my 4th transfer and both me and the clinic thought the chance of one sticking let alone 2 would be incredibly low 🤣 I’m 30 weeks and a twin pregnancy is brutal physically - if you have any doubts over your health don’t do it. I’ve been pretty much on bed rest since 18 weeks - if I couldn’t work from my sofa I’d be screwed, can’t walk further than about 100 yards without being in agony, cant stand for very long and had a major scare where we thought we might lose them last week. My resting heart rate has gone from 67 to 90 wks just going up the stairs makes it jump to over 120. My babies are guaranteed to be going into NICU for several weeks too. Twins of course is what lots of us dream about having but there is a very real reality about the pregnancy itself as well as raising twins afterwards x

Hi Peanut,

Good luck with your transfer, whatever decision you will take!

I had 3 FET transfers:

1# single embryo transfer -BFP but mmc at 7wks. Progesterone supporters -prontogest daily

2#meant to do double embryo transfer but changed minds before transfer and gone with another single embryo transfer - BFN. progesterone supporters prontogest+pessaries

3# double embryo transfer was our natural choice after two earlier transfers, lucky enough to have embryos in storage -BFP, progesterone supporters again prontogest +pesarries daily till 12wks, successful pregnancy!

In my case we wanted to go for single transfers but having earliest failures for us was natural to move to double transfer!

This is individual decision tough and quite difficult to take as each transfer for each person might be different xxxx

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Peanutchips in reply to Anya80

Thanks sooo much for your detailed reply Anya! So pleased you got success on your third attempt. Yeah, after two failures I’m tempted to go for 2 this time! Guessing 1 stuck for you? Xx

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Anya80 in reply to Peanutchips

Yes, our third was a singleton baby boy;)

Good luck to you xxx

My situation was very similar to yours - the unsuccessful clomid cycles followed by 2 FETs of single embryos - except mine were both BFNs (5AB & 4AB).

By my 3rd transfer I was convinced I wanted a double transfer so we did 2 x 4BBs and one stuck and is my small boy. Personally I would go for it but I’m biased.

Wishing you lots of luck whatever you decide. Xx

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Peanutchips in reply to Solly-44

Fab story, thanks so much for replying Solly! I hope your lil boy is doing well!Did you change anything else other than transferring 2 that time? Xx

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Solly-44 in reply to Peanutchips

Ah thank you!

No we just did the double transfer. My clinic wasn’t big on changing things (apart from adding lubion for 1 cycle), as they were convinced it’s mostly a numbers game. I think this was why I was so set on transferring 2, mainly so I felt like we were trying something different! Xx

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Peanutchips in reply to Solly-44

That makes so much sense! Glad it worked out for you Solly 😊 xx

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