How successful is a vasectomy reversal?

Hi. Im new here and just wanted some advice. my partner had a vasectomy a few years before i met him and I have PCOS, mild endometriosis and only one tube. He is willing to have a reversal but I just wondered if any one else had any advice or experience on this? I had a lap last year where they did ovarian drilling and treated the endo but I worry about losing my other tube before we get to the stage of the reversal. I have been down the ivf road before in a previous relationship but wouldn't be entitled to ivf as my partner already has children. X

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  • Success can depend on a number of factors, but mainly how long ago they had the vasectomy. The sooner you reverse it the better.

    My husband had a reversal four years after.

    Two years on, his sperm is really great. He's been taking vitamins and Maca, wearing loose boxers, no hot baths etc.

  • My husband had a vesectomy 27 years ago, we looked at a reversal but the consultant felt that there maybe sperm but it may not be the best quality to actually get pregnant. So literally this morning we have had egg collection and surgical sperm removal this morning with great success. He had lots of sperm to our relief. We have also had our treatment abroad at a fraction of the price in the UK.

  • Thanks for your reply. That's good to hear, good luck! 🙏🏻

    how many goes do you get with the surgical sperm removal?

  • Thank you! I am no expert but he had enough to freeze 4 samples so he actually did amazingly well. It also turns out that we had 17 eggs and out of which 14 fertilised so there must have been quality there as well. I do have the advantage that I am 32 but I do have endometriosis and I had a cancelled cycle last year due to a poor response. I can also say that the sperm retrieval was not as bad as he thought. He was at the brink of a panic attack before and told me at the hospital that wasn't going to do it. He ended up recovering better than me! For us the cost and success of a reversal was outweighed by the positive aspects of ivf. However as most people will appreciate the idea of having sex and then falling pregnant would have been ideal but I knew what I was getting in to when I married him and not having to use contraception is a bonus. Good luck with your journey. Xx

  • My oh had vas reversal after around 5 years. Sperm was pretty much normal after and we have a daughter and another on the way. I think sooner the better with reversals xxx

  • Love this :) xx

  • I found out recently that my dad had a reverse vasectomy in the 80s to have me, guessing after a vasectomy after having my brother who is 20 years older than me. It worked - I'm here! And it was the best thing he ever did ;) haha. Anyway, best wishes to you - I think it'll work!

  • Haha love this!

    Thank you 😊 xx

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