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Anyone Had NHS Fertility Treatment After Vasectomy Reversal?

Hi everyone

I wondered if there was anyone out there who managed to get funding for NHS fertility treatment after their husband had an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal?

I understand that this, at present, automatically rules you out for NHS treatment. However, I wondered if anyone had appealed to their CCG to fund?

Without going into too much detail about our situation. My husband had a vasectomy at the age of 28 during a previous marriage. I have no children. Vasectomy reversal failed 5 years ago.

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I do hope someone can advise you on this. Has your gp offered any help on an appeal? Have they known of any other cases?


Our GP wouldn't even refer us to the fertility clinic as they said we don't fit the criteria for NHS treatment. I know we can write to our CCG and request funding. But, I just wondered if anyone had any actual success. Thank you for your reply 😊.


I do hope someone here can help you. I was too old for nhs funding at 39. It seems so unfair.


I couldn't get NHS funding for ivf as my husband had one child (aged 20) from a previous and always wondered what that had to do with me, it was another lifetime. Sorry if I sound mean but I'm guessing your partner has kids already otherwise he wouldn't have had that procedure? Did the NHS pay for the procedure and reversal as I guess this won't help your case much? So many woman are asking for ivf now that's why they are cutting it. It's worth a shot but I'd say fund yourself


Yes he has a child from previous marriage. We self funded the vasectomy reversal. Thank you for your reply.


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