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Hi ladies, Bit of advice if possible, I had my first scan since my baseline on Friday where they told me my lining was 8mm, so they were super happy! I've got another scan tomorrow, and then they're thinking transfer the following (20th) Monday. So all rather exciting, however my acupuncturist thinks they should be doing the ET earlier as he says I'll be thick enough by this Monday!! So I just wondered what others experiences were timeline wise?! Xxxx

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  • My baseline scan was only 6.9 so they upped my drugs and I went back 4 days later. It was 9.1 triple layered, that was a Friday. I had Fet on the Wednesday x

  • Triple layered?! I've not heard of that! FETs are so different to normal IVF! Thank you for replying, it's like a different world, so much calmer! Xx

  • It's called a Tri-Laminar (I think) lining and it's the optimum lining for a pregnancy. It doesn't however guarantee success as I had the same on my first round and that was a bfn. Bfp on my fet xx

  • Trust that your clinic knows what's best and good luck πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • Thank you!! X

  • Hey,

    I haven't got this far yet with my FET however I have my scan on the 20th. I asked the hospital if all is well at my scan what is the earlier my transfer will be? (as I wanted to book annual leave from work) and they told me Monday 27th would be the earliest it would be if all is well at my scan on the 20th.

    It seems to be quite common that transfer can be a week after you reach optimum thickness. I'm not really sure why? But I guess we have to trust they know what they're doing 😊


  • Thank you Amanda86! I think my acupuncturist just put the wind up me a little bit! I really trust and like my clinic so I've never really questioned them, so I wondered if I was missing something!! Really good to hear that all is normal!

    How are you feeling on the progynova? I'm getting really excited now, but think that's the hormones making me a bit mad!!! Xx

  • I know what you mean. When I went for acupuncture a few weeks ago and the lady was working out when my transfer would likey be she was giving me different dates to what I had worked out and I was also thinking am I missing something here lol.

    Have you had much acupuncture? I only had that one but she recommend I go again before transfer and again after.

    The progynova was horrible to start with, I was feeling so dizzy and lightheaded with it and had bad cramps. It's eased now and I just get the occasional symptom but nothing too bad. I'm feeling a mixture of scared and excited but hoping as transfer nears I'll be more excited 😊 when do you start your pessaries? Xxx

  • Ah yes I felt super dizzy last week, which wasn't good in front of a class of 14 years olds! I've had acupuncture since November after our first failed round of ivf, I really needed to feel like I was doing something, and I've found it so helpful, he really has calmed me, and helped me to sleep!!!

    I think I'll be starting the pessaries on Tuesday, which are always delightful! Xx

  • Yeah it's horrible πŸ˜”

    I should be starting mine 21st I think if all is well at scan. What pessaries will you be taking?

    I had crinone for fresh cycle but for frozen it's cyclogest for frozen cycle. 2 a day xxx

  • Yep mine is cyclogest too, I took them through my first IVF round, two a day, so this time they are upping them to 3 a day! Think I'm going to go off from work when I start those as I don't want to be doing that at school πŸ˜’ xx

  • I'm not sure how I'll get on doing them at work, it's going to be very difficult lol. I'm off for the first week anyway so will only be the second week.

    I've heard it's 12 hours between them and I work a 12.5 hour shift so I will have to do one at work which is very annoying.

    I wasn't keen on the crinone. Easy enough to apply but gave me quite bad cramps the first few days. I'd imagine the cyclogest will also cause the same 😣

    For some reason my clinic use crinone for fresh and cyclogest for frozen. I'm not sure why πŸ€” xxx

  • Oh really? I have to say I didn't get any side effects on cyclogest from what I can remember, so hopefully you'll be ok 🀞🏻it's such a bizarre world we are in at the moment, if only people knew the crazy sh** we have to do to try and get pregnant! πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, keep me posted and how you're getting on! Xx

  • That's good to know. Hopefully I won't get any side effects then 😊

    Exactly!! πŸ˜‚

    Good luck to you also and keep me posted too! πŸ€ xxx

  • Hi aleelilook - call your clinic and ask then the reason behind these dates, I'm sure they would be happy to explain. I would be much more inclined to trust the clinic over the acupuncturist but I understand why you're looking for reassurance. Not long to go now though! x x x

  • Thank you MommaBear, I've got a scan tomorrow so will mention it casually! I hope you're doing ok? Which I know is much easier said than done xxx

  • Well I haven't cried today so that's a step in the right direction!! Haha just need some time that's all but I'll get there πŸ’ͺ🏼 X x x

  • One foot in front of the other πŸ‘£ xxxxx

  • Can't advise but wanted to wish u good luck xxx

  • Thank you! Xx

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