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so we are having our final frostie transferred next week on a natural fet. our clinic closed so we are at a new clinic and things are a bit different just looking to see if anyone has any advice. I had a scratch last month and during scan nurse said all was perfect regards lining etc. I asked if I got a scan before transfer and she said no as if everything were like it was that day all would be well. I am just nervous as this is our last frostie and I want all to be as good as it can be. also I am not on any meds..they suggested something called ovitrelle injection prior to transfer..what is this? I am waiting on a call from clinic to discuss things further but thought I would reach out here in meantime xxxx

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A lot of clinics seem to do this vic, dont scan prior to transfer. Mine always like a scan which Im glad of as I always have issues but others at my clinic do the same too, they all seem to have different advice. Could you not explain your anxieties and request that they scan you for peace of mind? The Ovitrelle injection is the equivalent to your trigger shot that you did with egg collection, its hCG. It basically puts hCG into the body which triggers a natural production of progesterone (as they both rise together), its meant to aid implantation and maintain pregnancy. Hope that helps.xx

vic77 in reply to Cinderella5

thanks hun I will do helpful..hope u doing ok xx

Cinderella5 in reply to vic77

Welcome! Im getting on ok thanks, AF had FINALLY made an appearance again! Hopefully that's me on my way now soon too.....hopefully transfer end of Nov.xx

vic77 in reply to Cinderella5

that's great..what a long wait for you. .hey you be just after me then 😁xxx


No advice on any of this, but really wanted to wish you the very best & truly hope this last embryo is the only embryo you’ll need 😍 You’ve been through such a tough journey & are definitely due a break. Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨🌈 xoxo

vic77 in reply to Hidden

thanks so much hun ..I hope so too xxx

It’s a trigger injection, or equivalent to. I’ve always had one on my fets. I know you’re anxious about a natural cycle. Mine are always modified so I get the cyclogest and on all but one fet, lubion too. Perhaps ask if they’ll prescribe you some cyclogest pessaries? Not that I’m saying you need them, but it might make you feel a bit more confident in the process. I’m sending you so much luck your way. You’ve got this! 💪🏻 xx

vic77 in reply to Tugsgirl

thanks so much hun..they did mention pessaries as a possibility so will check about that too..lots of love xx

No idea, just echo what all say above. Wishing you all the best xxx

vic77 in reply to Camillage

thanks hun xx

Good luck I hope this is your time xxx

vic77 in reply to Patty74

thank you xx

Ahh it great that it now happening and so soon. Best wishes with this and big 🤞🤞🤞 I’ve always found natural FETs a bit less stressful and easier on the body than medicated so u may find it works better. Does for some.

Interesting about the scan. I had one on the day of my surge to check lining and size of focilies but I guess if usually fine then maybe it ok without as ud hope the body wud be doing that at that time. See what they say. Best wishes to u. Be thinking of u!! X

vic77 in reply to Dreamingofbaby

thank you so so's u?xx

Hey, I’ve had a natural cycle, transfer was last week so we find out on Monday. Sounds slightly different as I did have scans on Day 8 & 11. On Day 11 my lining wasn’t where they wanted it to be so they put me on estrogen patches and scanned again on Day 16 to confirm we could go ahead. I was meant to trigger but because my lining wasn’t thick enough they let me ovulate naturally and monitored for my surge. Once I had it I started pessaries the next day. I’d talk to them about your concerns & ask if you can have a scan to ensure all is OK. This is our first cycle & first FET but it appealed to me to have limited medication. Good luck!

Good luck 🤞🏻 i too am looking at a natural fet after xmas and new year .... I really do hope that this is your time Xx

My clinic don’t routinely scan before a natural FET, I only had one due to all the free fluid problems. Wishing you so much luck for this transfer, you deserve this to be your time 🤞🏻xx

vic77 in reply to E_05

thanks so much hun..hope u keeping well xx

E_05 in reply to vic77

Yeah doing okay thanks xx

Sending you sooo much luck! My clinic scan me a couple of days before transfer as they know my anxiety with lining issues but won’t do it on day of transfer due to the lube!!

As the others have said the ovitrelle is hcg, and I have had it with my last two transfers and will request it again.


vic77 in reply to baby2016

thanks hun hope you ok xx

baby2016 in reply to vic77

I’m ok Vic, gearing up for Athens next week 😬xx

Hi Vic, I’m pretty sure my trigger shots before egg collection were always Ovitrelle!

I’ve never had a FET but had a donor egg cycle so i think my lead up to transfer was pretty much the same as a FET. I was taking medication though so had scans to check growth of lining in the weeks leading up to it.

Hoping some of the other ladies on here can help and that the clinic call back soon to help clarify this for you xx

vic77 in reply to Dunla

thanks for that hun am waiting on clinic calling to discuss xx

I so hope this is your time, well done for getting everything in order as best you can. Much love! Xx

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