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Hello Ladies, so unexpectedly Wednesday I was told everything looked great at my scan and my FET is Monday afternoon if embryo obviously thaws properly. (Won't that be a massive kick in the teeth if it doesn't?) But thinking whatever is meant to be will be.

I have maintained the same attitude throughout this time that realistically it's not going to work so if it does it'll be even more amazing. Given that we got pregnant first time around for it to end so horribly I don't think I will be as lucky second time around to get a positive result. If it doesn't it will mean another fresh cycle and right now mentally and physically I can't even imagine that. Since the summer and taking the drugs I've put on a stone, my skin is awful and I feel worn out.

Everyone around me is having babies to the point that I've deleted facebook from my phone as I can't take seeing another scan photo when I doubt I will ever experience that excitement.

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I know the feelings of just not wanting to let yourself experience any excitement because once you have had heart break in these cycles, you just put on the armor. I literally deleted my Facebook when my fresh cycle failed and I knew early on but once again ALL my friends were popping up pregnant who weren't even trying. Ugh, drives me crazy to hear that! I am nearing the end of my FET cycle and waiting on my transfer for next week and I have had the same feelings throughout this whole time because there are so many "what if's" than can go wrong. Wish we could allow ourselves to experience happiness but these cycles pay a tole on your mind. Hope you have some good news come your way and see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I know exactly how you feel.

A day doesn't make a difference the result was the same.

Good luck and fingers crossed for you 😘

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I know this feeling I to have come off Facebook it's hard seeing everyone around get that exciting moment and u feel u will never have it I'm on day 2 of injections trying to stay positive it is hard worse thing is I've come down with a chest infection so I'm now on antibiotics I'm worried this will effect things, stay strong Hun us woman know how u feel xxxx

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I'm so sorry you've been through such a tough time, but I'm also really grateful that you wrote this post.

I'm part-way through my 1st IVF cycle: out of over 20 eggs collected, only 1 embryo made it to the freezer (no fresh transfer). FET is planned for early 2016.

I still haven't got my head around what's happened in the past 6 weeks, but your description of always having to plan for a bad result, the after-effects of the meds, the reality of thawing a single embryo, and the prospect of going through another full cycle, is one thing that I completely and utterly identify with. I can't begin to tell you how helpful and reassuring this is!

I've also come close to deleting Facebook, and it takes a huge effort to deal with any new pregnancy news from friends. Still haven't a clue how to work that one out.

Thank you so much again. I will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for you over the next few weeks.


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It's nice to know I'm not alone in how I feel. Even though my DH is supportive it is a very lonely process in a weird way.

I will post how everything goes on Monday. I imagine the wait on Monday morning to be hellish but with the fresh cycle I kept myself busy so that's my plan.



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