EC went smoothly

Hello all,

Just had my EC yesterday and it went really well. The sedation put me to sleep and I woke up back in the ward with a cosy nice feeling. So relieved it went well, as I'd never had an op before. It's been sore with cramps since but nothing too bad, paracetamol has helped. Lots of sleep and rest helps too. This morning got the call to say out of the 13 eggs, 7 have fertilised!! We are set to go in on sunday for the 5 day ET. So happy that it's all moving well. Thankful I'm off work all week to recover and rest.

All the best to everyone, golden baby dust to all. xxx

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  • That's great news, how exciting glad all went well x

  • Hello smallcat, glad to hear it went so well! We had 13 eggs too and 8 fertilised (so almost the same!). We ended up with 4 blastocysts in total. Best of luck with your transfer on Sunday x

  • Great result :)) xxx

  • Great news, glad it all went smoothly for you and you had a good amount of eggs that's brilliant. Enjoy your rest and wishing you the best of luck x

  • Great news..fingers crossed x

  • Fab news. I'm about 6 - 7 weeks behind you, so thanks for your commenst they have made me feel more relaxed about it xxx Good luck

  • fingers crossed for you hunni xx

  • I hope the ET went well, rest up and I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

    Anjel x

  • Hi all,

    The ET went well on sunday thanks. They also got 3 frozen embryos to store. It was sore, but only briefly and then they showed us the embryo on the big screen. Then they show you the moment when the embryo goes into yr tummy, like a shooting star on the screen. Have had some small cramps and bloating since then. Fingers crossed.

    Official test day is next wed 5th, counting the minutes. All best wishes to everyone.

    Take care, xxx

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