Prothrombin Factor 2 and MTHFR

Hello lovely ladies, sorry I've been absent for a while I've had tough few months and also my app was not letting me post or read any of my PMs. Annoying!! Anyway, I've deleted and reinstalled so here I am.

After my failed donor egg transfer (Barcelona clinic) earlier this year they decided to test my implantation window and also said they wanted to do the blood tests that they sent do in ladies that have recurrent miscarriages.

My biopsy results came back all Ok but my blood tests have knocked me for 6! I really wasn't expecting them to come back with any abnormalities as I thought 'that's it really relevant for me as I haven't even been pregnant'. How wrong i was!!

Prothrombin Factor 2 I'm a little more relaxed about as i decided to go and see a private haematologist and he talked me through the impact of this in my day to day life and through my fertility journey. The long and short of this is my blood has a higher risk of clotting, still a low risk but higher than the average. For my fertility they will give me Clexane a blood thinner as part of my treatment.

The MTHFR gene I'm more worried about as this stops my body absorbing B9/folic acid which is critical for my body to function normally but crucial in foetal development . One of the side effects of this gene is implantation failure which is now starting to make sense.

I've gone through being super angry that no one has tested this before and that I've wasted years, energy and a heap of cash trying and trying again which now i know was a waste of time.

I'm now slightly relieved that they have found something as I've been racking my brains around why every round we've tried hasn't worked when all I see around me is everyone else getting pregnant.

I'm going to see my consultant on Monday to talk it through and make a plan for my next round.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had these tests and has any experience of what to do with all of this info? It feels like a tsunami of information and problems to deal with, as if it wasn't hard enough!

Really appreciate any advice

Han xx

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  • Hi, I have. I just lost my baby yesterday at 6w4d so I'm not able to talk at the moment but I will gladly share what I know with you. Is there a private way of doing this?, if not give me a few days or weeks, send me a msg & when im in a better place we'll have a chat, all the best, X.

  • Oh my days, sending you big hugs , my heart is breaking for you sweetheart. Thank you, but please focus on you and find your inner peace. We can private message, but whenever my lovely. The world is a cruel place and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xxx

  • Hi Hannah143. So sorry to hear this, but hopefully treatment with Clexane and regular monitoring should keep clotting problems at bay. Regarding the Folic Acid, then usually high levels are prescribed, in the hope that you do absorb some. Just wanted to wish you well with the consultation on Monday. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I'm not sure it's correct in saying that high levels of folic acid are simply prescribed in the hope that you will absorb some.

    In the case of MTHFR, ingesting copious amounts of folic acid just blocks the person's ability to absorb and assimilate natural folate. It's important for people with MTHFR to avoid folic acid, which is the synthetic form of folate, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t consume folate e.g. In fresh greens etc. Synthetic folic acid cannot be converted properly to methylfolate and blocks the folate receptors in people with MTHFR. I think it's important to seek specialist advice help if you're diagnosed MTHFR as it seems a very complicated condition, having been diagnosed myself there is an awful lot to piece together about this condition.

  • hi hun, i dont want to give u inaccurate advice so please dont take everything literally that i say now but i found out i had the MTHFR gene as this is specific to my vitiligo skin condition which is why I asked for the test. Was never tested for it for my infertility issues which like u im furious about but it doesnt really seem to be a recognised thing in the UK. My clinic said they werent worried about me having the mutation as apparently one of my other blood tests that im struggling to remember the name of balanced this out... not sure im 100% convinced. What i did read up is that you can take a supplement of folate (folic acid) already in methylated form (helping absorption) so that may well be what they will advise. If I remember the name of the other test I will let u know. So I think this is solvable - there may be other solutions to but becos my clinic werent concerned, I never went any further in to it. Dont know anything about Prothrombin Factor 2 but sounds like u already had reassurance on this.

    Its never nice hearing all these results - I have so many things against me - auto immune issues, MTHFR and killer cells - a lot of clinics poo poo the lot of it but then I think well Ive never got pregnant easily so is there could be something in it!

    At least now you have some concrete results and they can work with them so its frustrating as hell that it wasnt done b4 but at least u have them now and this can all be countered in to your treatment!

    Not sure if this was any use whatsoever but I wish u the best of luck and stay strong! Your future baby needs u xxxx

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