Cold hands and feet- old wives tale?

Hey Ladies,

Hope you are all well, so I'm on my first round of ivf and started suprecur on Sunday.

This is going to sound silly, so i do apologise. I was just curious as I've read on the interweb that having cold feet can affect fertility (cold uterus) . I always have cold hands and feet and now i'm fretting a bit as i don't want to sit at work with gloves or socks on in this warmth lol. Do you think this is just an old wives tale or can having cold hands and feet really affect your chances of getting pregnant. Or should i just not believe everything on the internet lol.

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  • Hi Veekay80. I think this is just an old wives tale. More likely to be that you need to exercise a bit more to get your circulation going. Peripheral (outer extremities) coldness is not going to affect your womb. if it is really bothering you, then mention it to your GP in case you have a problem. Diane

  • Thanks for your response Diane, i did suffer from anemia many years ago but my blood tests have come back as normal more recently.

    I will try and get a bit more exercise in, i walk the dog every evening for 45 mins so will do some more when i get in x

  • Hi Veekay80. If that doesn't work, see your GP just in case you have got something like "Raynauds". Keep a check on your iron levels too. Good luck and I'm sure it's nothing too much to worry about. Diane

  • Nonsense.

    It won`t affect your fertility.

    Need more exercises.

    In some cases you can move your fingers (on hands and legs) for few mins, so they become warmer.

    It should be enough to do that every 40 mins.

    Depending on your particular case intervals can vary.

    So, good luck of your ivf way and don`t worry about old wives tales from internet :)

  • Thanks Alice! x

  • Hi I do have Raynauds and have Acupuncture to help with it. I have known others who struggle to conceive and also have circulation problems. My acupuncturist does think it makes a difference but I guess it comes down to whether you believe in alternative therapies or not. xxx

  • I think there might be a link. I also have raynauds and there seems to be a disproportionately large number of people who have it and struggle to conceive. When we had icsi I took a lot of blood thinners to increase blood flow to the uterus and amazingly since then my hands and feet haven't been cold at all!

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