To scratch or not to scratch?

Hi there, looking for some thoughts ladies. I'm about to start my first round of IVF and my clinic doesn't offer the endometrial scratch and my consultant has specifically said he doesn't think I need it. He says the reason for this is that it's my first round and there is no evidence of implantation issues. But I'm thinking of getting the scratch anyway as if there is anything I can do to improve my chances, I want to do it.

I've got an appointment with another clinic on Friday to have the scratch but I don't know whether to cancel. Are there any risks? I can only see the positives from my (albeit limited) online research. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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  • Hello, I'm in exactly the same situation but having done research I can't see why I wouldn't give it a go. Yes it's only round one but it can't hurt to do everything on offer if it isn't harmful or can hinder sucess! I start my meds next month. Very anxious time but also exciting too! Let me know what you decide and the very best of luck xx

  • Have you ever been pregnant? I'm wondering what your issue is if you and your OH need IVF, and on what basis this clinic is saying you don't have implantation issues. As much chance as you can give it of working I'd say; go for it!

  • I've got severe endo, which has significantly damaged my tubes, so no known implantation issues as I've never been pregnant before. But I guess that's not to say that I won't have an issue once if I do manage to get to the egg transfer stage.

  • Any chance you can have a hysto at the start of your cycle? This seems to give a window for endo sufferers and includes the scratch.

  • Hey there, I had a hysteroscopy in early Nov as part of my first lap for endo. But given that it was 3 months ago, I think the affects might have worn off by now.

  • They usually say 6mths is the window so hopefully all ok. I'd go for the scratch though, if it were me. Also, there's some research to say using Letrozole as part of the protocol could be beneficial (given that Stims will have the effect of increasing your estrogen which is not endo's friend).

  • Hiya,

    it's my first round of ivf too and I had the scratch last Thursday.

    There is nothing wrong with me either regards implantation.our infertility is due to my husbands sperm.

    However same as you I have read it can double your chances.and for a procedure that takes 15mins it's worth going through.

    Even though it is uncomfortable it is over super quickly, just book in something you can get excited about for that afternoon evening e.g. Massage, lunch with a good friend.

    My reasoning was similar anything that increases your chances is worth it. When your desperate for a baby you want to give it the best chance of working as soon as possible.

    All the best, and hope this has helped

    X x x x x

  • Hi, my clinic don't offer it as routine, unless you have had a few cycles and they have found implantations issues. The consultants we had were quite dismissive of it actually. They persuaded us to have our 2nd cycle naturally and not to have scratch (which, in a weird way I appreciated because we are private and they could easily have made a bit more money out of us). Fortunately this cycle worked. BUT, having said that, I can totally see why people (as above) would just have it done anyway, as it cant do any harm. Whatever you decide, good luck xxx

  • I don't understand how they can be dismissive of the procedure when there's published medical evidence to prove it increases chances of pregnancy. Congratulations on getting pregnant though!

  • I know, it was strange. I didn't know much about the scratch at the time and just went along with what they suggested. I think they were basically trying to say lets just try a natural FET and see what happens before having more interventions. We were lucky with our FET but if that hadn't worked then I would def have been looking at other options - like the glue and the scratch. And, as everyone is saying, you have nothing to lose by having it. I think as with all of these things, we're never going to know exactly why an ET has or hasn't worked, so it's best to keep options open isn't it :-) xxx

  • Hi

    Just to add everyone bodies are different I had the scratch and unfortunately it didn't work for me, however we are going for round 2 and having the scratch again and also ICSI this was recommended by my consultant but then I am 40.

    It's where they prepare the lining I have not been given any negatives and think that with everything going through your body a clean lining would be beneficial.

    Go with your gut instinct.

    Hope that helps

    Good luck xxx

  • Hi I would say definantly have it. you have nothing to loose.. its a little uncomfortable at the time but I went back to work afterwards, I am now 28 weeks. Im not staying it was down to that but if you read any of my previous posts my odds were very very low and it worked for me..

  • This may be helpful -

  • Hello ladies, thanks for taking the time to let me know your experiences. I decided to have the scratch and had it this morning at a private clinic. It was very painful while the scratching was taking place, but the pain stopped as soon as it was over. I'm glad it's all done now and I've got some peace of mind that I've done everything I can.

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