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Hi! Im new and in need of advise from those who have had a failed cycle - where do I go from here?

We endured 4 years of fertility treatment at Treliske in Cornwall - not great care or service and made to feel like piece of meat on a factory conveyor belt. Eventually I had had enough after they suggested a fourth round of IUI. I insisted on my one-free go at IVF. We went to Exeter Fertility in 2014 and had a good egg collection (11 eggs) which resulted in 8 embryos- 5 viable. They put one in and we got lucky first time - little boy Austin is coming up for his second birthday in May!

We felt blessed and I was probably a bit silly to think that the embryos we had frozen would also turn into healthy children to complete our family.

We returned to Exeter for a FET cycle at the end of January - 2 embryos survived thawing and were viable so we had them both popped in. However, the cycle failed and we are now back to square one.

My query is - what do I do now? Im devastated, I think the husband blames me for cycle not working as I have been stressed with work and I am desperate for a big family. I am ever-so fortunate to have fallen pregnant first time and I know that some ladies never get to experience what I have and I am grateful.

Does anyone think I should go with Exeter Fertility again - they dont have great reviews but these werent brought to my attention until after our failed cycle. I feel let down by them as the experience this time round was not good and as a paying customer their 'service' was dire.

Does anyone have any experience with Plymouth for fertility? I have emailed them 2 weeks ago but no response.

I feel isolated here in Cornwall and would like to be recommended to a great clinic?

Sorry - long post. Just feeling lost, depressed and worried - financially we can afford one more go, then we will have to start selling possessions!

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  • Hi AWG32. I was so sorry to hear that you were recently unsuccessful with your FET. I don’t know whether you have had any counselling after this, but it might be an option, as you clearly have a few issues with your husband temporarily. If there isn’t a fertility counsellor locally, you could look at and see whether you can access one through that charity. You have to pay for the service, but just could be worth it. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a clinic as it is seen to be advertising. However, you can look at clinic details at and see what is available – plus costs. I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go back to whichever clinic you choose. There just may be a couple of questions you hadn’t thought of asking. If you email me in confidence to I will send them to you. Meanwhile I do hope you find some support and a clinic you feel happier about. Thinking of you. Diane

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