Stims - no symptoms?

Hello lovely ladies!

I am on day 3 of merional injections and am starting cetrotide on Wednesday with first scan on Thursday.

I'm starting to panic that I'm not responding to the drugs as I don't feel like anything is happening. No bloatedness or anything like that!

Is this normal? Dread to think how much paranoia I'll have brewed up by the time of EC!!

Thanks all xxx

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  • Hi Strawb86. Not everyone gets symptoms, however you may do when you start the Cetrotide, so don't speak too soon! Good luck with Thursday's scan. Diane

  • Thanks Diane :) just hoping that the meds are secretly working their magic and trying to count myself lucky that there's no symptoms...yet!! Thank you xx

  • Hi, when I did my first cycle last year I had no symptoms until a few days before ec and then only a kind of heaviness. I panicked the whole way through thinking it wasn't working but we collected 11 eggs so it must have been! Hope that helps :-)

  • Ooh well that is good news! 11 eggs is a great result! Thanks charlene :) lots of luck for your second cycle xx

  • Hi Strawb86, I started stims last Weds using puregon injection pen along with Buserilin which started 18th Feb. Ive had no side effects yet either. I have scan this Weds to check how follies are coming along. Fingers crossed, its all very exciting. Wishing you loads of baby dust xxx

  • Thanks Beanme, sounds like it's just me being paranoid then! 😁Ooh we're in a similar stage, hope your scan goes well tomorrow! Sending lots of follie growing thoughts your way xxx

  • Thank you so much for you message....and its totally ok to be paranoid from time to time. We are on a journey that is full of things we dont normally feel comfortable with like injections etc. We are bombarded with so much info it feels encyclopedic. Then we are checking and comparing against others and any little thing that seems different can send alarm bells ringing. But thats why this forum is so great, we get to voice our concerns and we are totally understood. Everyone on here is really supportive. I wish you the best and will checkbin your progress. We can be cycle buddies xxxx

  • You have such a lovely way with words :) you are so right about having so much information and comparing every tiny detail! Would love to be cycle buddies :) hope your scan goes ok today, let me know how you get on and wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • I don't think I got symptoms for the first few days, that's a plus side!! Doesn't mean it's not working at all Hun x

  • Thanks girl15:) yes I think I'm expecting too much given I'm only a few days in! Was expecting to balloon up immediately πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Hi, I'm on day 3 of merional and have been thinking exactly as you were . Did you end up getting symptoms later on?

  • Hey! To be honest I didn't really! I was maybe a tiny bit more bloated than usual towards the end but not sore or tender at all. I remember telling the nurse just before my last scan that I still had no symptoms! And it was all fine :) best of luck to you xx

  • Hi, thanks for the message. I'm on day 6 now and other than feeling abit more bloated I have no other symptoms. I have a scan on Wednesday so think will feel better once I have had this.

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