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Hi lovely ladies, hope you're all well. Just wanted to ask your advice about stims. I started injections on Wednesday on the highest dose. I'm managing ok with them but haven't felt any symptoms yet. I'm worried they may not be working as they should. Did anyone else feel any different at this stage or am I worrying unnecessarily? We worry when we have symptoms and we worry when we don't! Thank you in advance xx

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  • I totally agree that we worry both ways, I don't think there's any scenario where I'm not anxious! I'm 12 days into stimms and am full on 'full' achey and work out now. I started on Wednesday last week and only started to feel it on Monday onwards.

    Remember we are all different. Good luck xx

  • Side effects aren't guaranteed! Some of us get them some of us don't. Plus it'a still early days. I started to get a bit uncomfortable as I got closer to EC. My tummy started to get a bit sore from the injections and I managed to give myself some bruises.

    I hope stimulation phase goes well and you get lots of lovely matute eggs.

  • It also depends which stims you're on.. everyone reacts differently so try not to worry. Your first scan post stims will give an indication of progress so dont worry, they can adjust doses etc if they feel its not progressing enough or too much xxx

  • I had zero symptoms and was on the highest strength too! If anything I felt brilliant on the stims med! I was convinced nothing was working! But mananged to get 11 eggs from 12 follicles so don't worry. And don't worry if they don't see many on your first scan, think they could only see about 4 at my first one, they all seemed to develop in the last 3 days prior to EC xxx

  • I was exactly the same until my last three days. I worried just like you however towards the end I got very bloated and tender and aware of my ovaries. It feels like they are carrying watermelons!

    My scan showed 10 big follicles and Lots of small ones and the nurse saw how tender I was in one ovary which is the side which is filled more

    I have EC tomorrow and told myself is stay off this as some stories were Freaking me out but I can help but have a look lol πŸ™ˆ

  • I've three days to go so totally agree with those symptoms Loobee Am so heavy and uncomfortable! Tomorrow will be fine, I've done it once and I was out for the whole thing and relatively pain free. Just more discomfort.

    Good luck! X

  • My boss looked like she was 4 months gone last Friday, couldn't get her cycling top and bottoms to meet! Heaven knows what she'll look like tomorrow (1 day post ec). I remember telling my embryologist that it felt like I was carrying around a couple of large bunches of grapes 😁

  • Oh have you? Ok feeling a bit reassured now, hope I'm out for it too!

    Thanks Daisy 14 and good luck to you xx

  • Yep was totally fine. Mine this cycle is either Wednesday or Thursday and nowhere near as worried as I was first time round.

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on xx

  • Good luck today xx

  • Oh not long for you then. Thanks again, I'll let you know xx

  • Thanks ladies that's helped put my mind at rest. I've got my first stims scan tomorrow so keeping everything crossed things look positive πŸ‘πŸΌ Hope ur ECs go well this week πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • I didn't have any symptoms at all apart from bloating toward the end. Also when not I started Cetrotide it made my belly come up in an itchy rash for a few hours xxx hope that helps :) good luck! X

  • EC was totally fine! No probs and nothing at all to worry about xx

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