Gonal f day 2...and feeling angry!

Hi everyone!

So I've been on buserelin for 18 days now and have been lucky enough to get away with few side effects....until about 4 days ago! I started getting headaches/fatigue/nausea etc but my moods stayed relatively stable with only a few hiccups (considering). I started Gonal F 2 days ago and was hoping I would start feeling better but for some reason today I'm raging for no particular reason. I literally can't control it! Did anyone else get this on gonal f? Or is it just the buserelin upto it's old tricks? If so, how long was it until you started feeling better?

My poor dh is properly getting it in the neck today! I'd usually go for a run when I feel angry/stressed but I've been told I'm not allowed....any ideas how I can calm down?

Thanks my lovelies xxx

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  • Oh Oakey that sounds awful!! I think we all have our moments during down reg/stimming but I can't say it's ever been anything like what you're describing! How about a nice hot bath? A long walk? A bit of cake? Or something like one of those adult colouring books just to focus your mind a while? Anything is worth a try! Just tell DH that you're sorry but you've not got much control over how you're feeling at the moment so he's just gonna have to deal with it πŸ™ˆ our poor guys!! πŸ˜‚ I hope you start to feel better soon x x x

  • Aw thank you...I've now moved from the angry to tearful stage! Dh has taken me to an ice cream parlour to cheer me up (although I think it's more for his benefit) but all I wanna do is cry!....seriously what's wrong with me today??!

  • Oh bless you! I hope you enjoyed the ice cream at least?! Don't worry it's perfectly normal to go crazy during treatment (I should know πŸ˜‚) x x x

  • Ah thanks...its always a comfort to know I'm not alone! (And yes the ice cream and waffles were lush...I ate it all for once!) Xx

  • I'm on day 7 of menopur and have the quickest temper right now it's unbelievable. OH is taking it for the team!

    I've also started forgetting stuff and getting muddled. Like setting the washing machine off with the powder sat on the top of the machine. And then a big one today, completely confused our builder and he's started building the walls for our extension and I told him the wrong dimension for where the door goes. When I realised what I'd done I went off and cried. He said it was OK and can saw out the door but bloody hell I'm all over the place and not to be trusted with anything.

    I'm trying to keep out of everyone's way because I snap at anything and then I feel bad and cry over it. Quite the rollercoaster. Hopefully not long for either of us on the drugs and some normality can resume shortly x

  • Oh I can totally relate to the forgetfulness...a couple of times I've forgotten whole conversations I've had with my new boss at work which has got me into some tricky situations...especially as he has no idea what I'm up to! And yes whenever I do get "the rage" I can guarantee at some point a bit later, the tears start! (What's odd though is that when I'm crying, I can quite often be laughing too as I know the situation is ridiculous...I'm a mad woman!) I've been soooo lucky until the last couple of days. Currently laying on the sofa watching rubbish tv with a blanket whilst dh runs around after me...This is the life haha!


  • I've just had my husband go out for fish and chips and banoffee pie! I seem to be quite bloated which I guess is normal with the water intake and the ovary action going on. Probably should have only eaten 10% of the normal portion.

    It's good to know I'm not going mental and that someone else is going through the same things. We can totally blame the drugs now x

  • The hormones play merry hell with your emotions don't they?

    It's horrible for you -and your DH - but you can't help it.

    Hang in there - you're doing brilliantly to just get out of bed and get dressed every day! Xx

  • I'll never know whether it was the drugs , the stress, the hormones or all three. But for us... that was the time we argued and bickered the most. I was completely irrational. So many tears. Husband had to make a conscious decision to take us out to do something nice and have dinner and remind ourselves why we were doing it. It passes; but try and make some plans for positive things to do so you're conscious of it xx

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