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E2 blood levels high

Hi ladies

I had my E2 blood test today which has come back high. I am Day 5 of stims. Iv got to go in tomorrow for a scan. I'm now worried that I may have over responded and they will end up cancelling the cycle. The nurse said it could be that there is lots of follicles or just couple of big ones. Has this happened to anyone? I'm now freaking out!!!! ☹️

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How high was it? I haven't had any blood tests but got the first scan tomorrow and maybe they will take some then?

Try not to freak out hopefully it's a positive thing with lots (but not too many) follicles. X


I never had blood tests so I'm not sure but try not to worry,with all the meds our bodies r all over the place & it changes daily!! Best of luck xxx


Hi EmmaFS. Hope all has gone well with your scan today and your E2 result has settled. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water just in case you are over stimulating. If you do so, then be prepared to have any embryos that result, stored frozen until your body has recovered. If that should be the case, then your embies will be quite safe and ready for transfer a month or two afterwards. not what you expect, but would be for the best. Of course this may not happen, so all I can do is to hope everything is OK. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane

I had my scan today i have 18 follicles on one ovary and 13 on the other which sounds like loads to me. She said a couple are big but the rest small. iv now been told to reduce my fostimon from 225 to 150. Scan and bloods again Monday. Im making sure i am drinking lots of water. Fingers crossed for Monday :)


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