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TSH Levels too high

Hi all,

So we had our consent/nurse planning meeting yesterday and found out we can't start our treatment as my TSH levels are too high (which is under active) , they are 3.09 and they would prefer them to be 2.50 or under.

So I had to go for yet another blood test yesterday to test my anti-bodies, which will be a 3 week wait, then the possibility to start medication for it in the New Year which I will then need to take for a min of 6 weeks before they re-test.

Just feeling a little disheartened. I know that to get my levels down will increase our chances and we need to do what is best but I can't help but feel rubbish that we realistically will need to wait at least another 10 weeks which would put EC at March/April time.

Has anyone else had Thyroid issues? Did medication help? How much did it delay you?


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They are doing the right thing with you Hun, as frustrating as it is. A delay in treatment is a lot less heavy on the heart by doing it later than doing it now and suffering a loss as a result of poor TSH control.

They will probably start you on 25 mcg of levothyroxine (t4) which will need an increase again if you do get pregnant.

It takes six weeks to absorb and lower the level which is why you won't be retested until then.

My fertility clinic wanted under 2 before treatment. The antibody test will determine if your sub clinical hypothyroid, or if you have hashimots thyroiditis which is the autoimmune syndrome.

Both of them are easily treated. It's one tablet a day that's it. It's often the difference between getting/staying pregnant or not. I had years of ttc before my thyroid was flagged up. Once correctly medicated, we got and stayed pregnant.

Your thyroid contributes to every cell function in your body, to give you and your baby the best shot, it needs to be at an optimal level 😊

it's an easily managed disease, please don't worry about it.

I know a delay is annoying, but you want your body to be in the best health to give your baby the best chance.



Thank you so much for such a detailed reply!

Feel a little less worried/bad now! I do know it is the best thing, I am just impatient! lol

Could this be the reason that my cycles are all over the place as well? x


That's probably the exact cause. I was having 28 days, 23 days, 33 days (which were ultra cruel as I had really gotten my hopes up by then) 😔 Some months no + OV after spending 20 quid a month on digital OV tests. 🙄

I understand your miffed about having to wait, believe me I know what it's like when that maternal beacon is pipping away 😔

The only thing that confuses me with you, is that they are insisting on a antibody test for it, as the treatment is the same regardless. You will be put in replacement hormone. I can only assume that if your antibodies are through the roof, you will need a higher dose. I would have thought though you would have been symptomatic, cold, dry skin, exhaustion,weight gain, low mood etc. - problem with that is, all the stress of ttc can cause that! 😐

If I were you I would enjoy Christmas. Have a drink, ,eat some yummy food and relax.

There's lots of ladies on here who have had plenty of healthy pregnancies and babies with hypothyroidism ❤️️❤️❤️️❤️


That is exactly what I plan to do! Enjoy Christmas and New Year and try not to worry!

Yeah I have been doing some reading about symptoms and I do have so many (long before ttc), hopefully this will sort me right out then! lol x


Messsge me anytime if u wanna ask owt 😊


Hiya I feel your pain. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and take daily medication. It has taken extensive time for me to stabilise but you defo need to get those tsh levels down. It will take at least 6 weeks to retest after starting medication so stick with it.

It sounds like they have worked out a plan for you. As one of the other ladies said try and ouch for a blood sample asap for the TPO and get onto medication. If you have antibodies or nor has no impact on therapy.

good luck and keep us posted.



I have an underactive thyroid and am medicated for it. My clinic wanted my levels to be below 2.5 before my cycle starts. I was at 3.9 and after 1 month of a 25mg increase my levels have now deceased to 1.5.

If you are getting the bloods done by your GP try to get a letter from you clinic stating that they need your levels to be below 2. Most labs consider below 5 to be normal (mine were 11 when I was first diagnosed over a year ago) and my GP wouldn't agree to increasingly medication without a letter to confirm.

Good luck and hope that helps :) x


Hi there

I only found out earlier this year that my TSH level was more than double the recommended level for getting and maintaining pregnancy - who knew!

I have been on 100mg daily since then and I'm now running a little low if anything at under 1. I really feel like it will make the difference and feel positive about IVF now this is sorted. I think it helped me get pregnant in May but unfortunately it was ectopic and so we've not been able to 'test' it out since then. We are only trying IVF as I'm now 40 and ttc for 4 years but at least we've had an opportunity to get this thyroid lark sorted before trying IVF.

I had difficulty getting the Lexithyroxine too and ended up with a private script from the fertility consultant.

Wishing you all the best



Hi all, thanks so much for all your words of advice! It really helped!

Bit of good news, I had my repeat bloods done and my TSH levels were down to 1.70 so they are happy for me to go ahead, bit annoying as I started a new cycle last friday so we have just missed out this month, but good to look forward to in the new year :)



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