1st Scan today

So went to the hospital for my 1st scan. 7weeks 1day. We could see a small embie heart beating away - no sound on the ultrasound machine. The nurse thought that they was another embie hiding behind the 1st one but was unsure so told me she would make me an appointment at the epu for 1 - 2 weeks time. EPU rang me a couple of hours later and told me the pics sent to them weren't that good and told me to come up tomorrow morning. So nervous now don't know what she has noticed in scan photo 😦😦

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  • Oh Rgf I hope and pray that all is well for you tomorrow. Did they take a measurement while you were there? It could be that baby is a little smaller than expected. I'm glad that they've called you in tomorrow so you don't have to wait too long. Rest up tonight, I hope you get some sleep x x x

  • The nurse did measure but never told us anything. I was her last scan of the day and to be honest I think she just couldn't of been bothered. I'm hoping and praying for tomorrow. When's ur test date momma bear xx

  • That was my experience when I had my first scan after bleeding. It was like she didn't know or care why we were there. I'm sorry that she didn't explain things to you. My test day is in 9 days; staying hopeful x x x

  • Omg ur clinic make u wait so long. I actually thought the 2ww wasn't as bad as waiting for the scan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I know, we go through all of this to get a BFP and then we torture ourselves all over again πŸ™ˆ It's like we're not allowed to be happy until our babas are here with us. But when they are, all of this will be a distant memory ☺️ x x x

  • It's good news that you saw a heartbeat, that's the most important thing! Very frustrating they didn't explain further why you need the second scan urgently, let's hope it is just to get a good pic, accurate measurements and confirmation on whether it is one or two embies. In any case good luck and stay brave!! xoxo

  • Thanks nesfin, I hope your right and I hope the nurse today can give me better answers xx

  • Hope all goes well today xxxx

  • The baby is so tiny at 7 weeks lots of places won't scan that early try not to worry. 12 weeks is sometimes the first scan for most people. Heart beat is great sign try to relax if you can. Stress won't help. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Good luck for your scan this morning πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • So just left the hospital and there is 1 wee heart beat rattling away 146 beats per minute. Nurse said it was quiet hard to see and couldn't get a good pic cause my ovaries are still swollen. Thanks for all the messages ladies xx

  • That's brilliant!! I assume they had no further concerns. Happy times πŸ€—πŸ€— xoxo

  • They were really happy with everything said everything was going well and measurements were correct with my dates. Just hoping and praying all continues to proceed like this xx

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