High AMH but poor responder to IVF

Hi, i was told my AMH was 18 and i was expected to respond really well on the short protocol.

On my first round of ivf i was on 3 vials of merional and this was cancelled as i only had 2 decent size follicles. On my second round i used 5 vials of merional

. I had egg collection and they got 5 eggs, however only 1 was decent and this disnt fertilise. 2 eggs were just shells, i wasnt viable and the other was immature.

Nobody can tell me why im such a poor responder. Im 31 and our infertility is unexplained. For our next round of ivf theyve said theyll up the vials to 6! I feel like a guinea pig just trying different things.

Has this happened to anyone else? Did you get answers? Im trying aspirin for the next round. Did this work for anyone?

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  • Hello lovely, all I can say is "ditto".

    Please please read the book called "it starts with a egg" before your next cycle. My AMH is 25.5 and I am 35 and like you was a poor responder. I opted to me a egg donor for my first cycle and only got 8 eggs. I donated all of my eggs. Second time I only got 5 eggs and only 2 fertilised.

    This time I have a long wait until my next cycle and boy I am following the book.

    Any questions please ask xx

  • As far as I'm aware aspirin is only to help with your lining, your blood flow to the uterus and has no bearing on follicles or egg numbers/quality. X

  • Hi SaraD. So sorry to hear all of this, when on the surface it looked as if there wouldn't be a problem with egg collection etc. I wonder if your ovaries are just a bit resistant to being stimulated aggressively, and maybe a "mild" approach may be better?? Don't know, but I think I would ask. You would only get a few eggs, but they may be more forthcoming if your ovaries were more gently stimulated. My thoughts of course, but do ask. Obviously your consultant knows you best at the end of the day. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • I feel your pain my first IVF cycle failed in January as I didn't stimulate as well as expected. I have an AMH of 18 and I'm 28. I was started on 150 of Gonal f which after a week I only have 1 follicle and a few little ones then upped to 225 which made me feel better but still only had 2 follicles so the cycle was abandoned. Next time they said they will start me on 300 and hopefully that will produce more follicles. But I don't like that they don't know why its happened there just going to force it with a bigger dose which isn't guaranteed to work. I have a follow up appointment in March so hopefully the doctor will shed more light. I have endo on my left side and I think me left ovary is the dominant one so maybe the fact I had an endometrioma didn't help but hoping to get that removed by next cycle :-) x

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