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first proper step- nurse consult!

Got our nurse consultation on Sunday week. Yet another first step toward IVF. Just feel like the process has dragged so long! Can anyone give me any pointers with the nurse consult- do they give you set dates or do you work them out together? Any one have any experience of Leeds LCRM?

I'm 30 with 4 failed years of trying, and technically nothing 'wrong' at all. Ovulate like clockwork, perfect uterus, fab sperm count on hubbys side etc etc. Completely unexplained and frustrating as hell!

Would love some positive stories or anyone else in a similar boat- re-written this about 5 times to stop it sounding so negative as I'm trying so hard to feel positive and grateful for what I do have, rather than wallowing constantly in my pit of misery and despair! Don't know why I feel so dubious about the IVF, like it's destined to fail before we even begin. Know that I have to change my attitude about it (easy to do on the outside, less easy to change how you actually feel) but struggling to shake this feeling of impending doom... please help me with some feel-good factor! I have officially run out of people to talk to about it- they all have babies and just have NO IDEA, however they are full of well-intended cliches which drive me up the wall.

Also if there are any teachers out there- tips for how to juggle time off with school? Not in a position to be able to tell my managers unfortunately.


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Hi Lucylove. I'm under Leeds too. We had our appt with the nurse last year. Lots of form filling. Wish I'd have known I needed to get my BMI below 30 at this appt as that has delayed things slightly but glad to say I start injections tomorrow. If I can give you any advice, let me know but there's loads of lovely ladies on here willing to share their experience!xx


Hiya just a quick one from me. I've already got a daughter from precious relationship but been trying with current partner for 2 years and nothing,!

My age is the biggest factor I'm 39 now 😲

Like you I have been resentful and angry that we couldnt conceive naturally and not sure about about. It took me less than 2 months to have my daughter 11 years ago so why so hard now?!(My age I firmly believe)

Since accepting IVF I'm now feeling calm and positive about it and you will find great comfort in these forums.

We've had all the tests too and they could find nothing. Perfect stats like you. I'm currently in the 2ww period and testing on Friday.

We ended up having split IVF and ICSI with 4 fertised eggs in each camp. We chose that to get some answers. Interestingly our IVF eggs didn't progress past day 2 but all ICSI made it. 2 got transferred and 2 got frozen.

Might be something for you to consider as you ate unexplained too.

Best of luck on your journey ❤x

PS practice yoga and having acupuncture to help me accept and reconnect and forgive my body really helped me too.xx


Omg I don't know where/who I'd be without my yoga! Was planning on going to acupuncture in conjunction with IVF cycle, heard some good things x

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Hi Lucy!! Oh bless you, you're definitely in the right place to talk and have a bit of a rant about things!! Balancing being positive with being realistic and also being completely fed up with waiting, being prodded and poked and jabbed and hormonal is par fat the course in this game so don't beat yourself up for having mixed emotions!

Things do get easier the more time moves on and once you start treatment the whol process whizzes by but it can feel like forever to get started.

Wishing you the very best of luck with everything, don't be a stranger when you're having a bad day, we all understand x x x


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