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Nurse appointment

Hi ladies!

I have my first ivf consultation next week and my appointment with the nurse has been booked in for the 29th ( so the week after) i just wanted to know what happens in this appointment. Will I be given my days etc? I was just thinking if I am on long protocol and I am due to start my period this Sunday 18th September then can I start my ivf cycle next month? If all is well. I have read that you start down regulating on day 21. I know that this might be a long shot but just wondering!! My clinic did say to today that there isn't no waiting list etc. If the nurse is happy with all results treatment is started.

Thank you :) xxx

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Can't be much help over an IVF appointment ( haven't been through it) - but want to wish you the very best of luck with the appointment. Wonderful news there isn't a waiting list - waiting around makes it so much more stressful. Hope you start your treatment and everything goes smoothly for you. 💕 X


Aww thank you Jess! I am happy that your blood test showed you are ovulating to. It's such a stressful time! I just want my first appointment to arrive. Feels like we have been waiting around ages for it xx

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Still after over 5 years of this ttc I have not yet mastered patience!

One big waiting game isn't it?! The amount of time that I have spent wishing to get to the next stage- talk about wish my life away - haha.

No advice on how to wait- as I've said I'm no good at it- maybe try to keep as busy as you can to help time pass. Not that it ever leaves us, it's the first thing I think in the morning and the last thing I think of at night.



Yep, sounds like it... your next period will be around mid October? So you should be starting down reg in the first week or so of Nov.

Does your clinic have a schedule of booking dates?

Like this:


If so, it might help you to get your head around dates... as you see there is a gap in booking in, as they don't do Egg Collections during Xmas/New Year (operating theatre shuts down at this clinic) though they do scans, so you can be stimming over Xmas.

Worth thinking what will suit you... is Xmas busy or quiet for you? This stuff takes over your life a bit, only one injection a day but also trying to minimise stress and maximise hydration. And you can feel uncomfortable as your ovaries hopefully get heavy, (non-tech term!!) especially after your EC, and I found all thru 2ww...(egg is collected from follicle by the follicle being drained of fluid, inc the egg. The follicles then refill with fluid and are still large, and (I felt) heavy...

Sorry, rambling...

The two appointments will help clarify what your clinic do. Don't worry too much if they give you info on down-reg and stim only to start with. And keep in mind (for you and your partner trying to schedule work and life!) that there is no fixed date for egg collection/fertilisation. Ours could have been Monday but ended up being the Friday (so i had 14 days of stim, minimum is 9 or 10??, I could have ended up going to 16 or 17... but I am long in the tooth ;-),

and you can only plan two days ahead, as it all depends how the follicles are developing... they count and measure them every 2-3days from day 6 or 8 or stim, for first timers. And then plan the trigger injection and the egg collection when they are happy with the follicle dev.

Very best wishes with it all!

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Aww thank you for taking time out and replying. Wow I really do hope my period arrived before that closure week!! I haven't been given any dates etc. Are scans usually done when your on your period? I'm excited but scared at the same time for another failure. These few months of waiting for ivf seems to have taken forever! But it's been a nice break off. I have my first appointment next week and if all is well then the nurse appointment the week after. Let's hope they don't need any more tests doing! I'm quite flexible around Xmas time. I have my leave already booked from work for it. I would prefer to have ivf completed before this year but then again something always happens and things done go according to plan!! Xxx


Hi NDE1987. Often a first appointment with the nurse involves further blood tests being carried out to check for HIV, Hepatitis, and chlamydia. Probably check out your hormones again including AMH. A further semen analysis ordered if any problems with the last one. A chat about giving yourself injections, plus when these will start. Then there will be some legal paperwork to fill in, which you may have to take away for GP to sign. You might be invited to an open evening to learn all about the process from start to finish, although this is not always offered. An internal scan of your ovaries may be done too to check for any cysts on your ovaries. Arrangements may also be made for you to have a laparoscopy or an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) to check your tubes if required. Can’t think of anything else, but wanted to say good luck with it all, and hope all goes OK. Diane


Thank you for your reply Diane! Helpfully as always. Xx


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