Shout out to cycle buddies and travellers on ye ole' fertility road!

After sharing some posts and getting to know a few of you lately I'm aware that lots of people have a big milestone day coming up, either tomorrow like myself or very soon, be they ec, test day, embryo transfer or taking first tentative steps on this crazy journey.

Well I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck and send lots of positive vibes and love with the hope that 2017 sees a baby boom for all us; quite frankly, fabby hopefuls! Lots of love and hugs! Xxxx

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  • Right back atcha Pooky!! Can't wait to hear how everyone gets on. Fingers firmly crossed for us all! x x x

  • Right there with you and good luck for tomorrow..sending lots of baby dust and luck your way xxxx

  • Same to you xx

  • Thank u for good wishes Hun & best of luck to u today to xxx

  • hey, thank you dear. that means a lot to me. I'm new here and just did a first step on the way of happiness. wish you all the best and send tons of positive vibes to all too. thank you girls

  • Thanks and same to you :) x

  • Hope everything has gone well Pooky x x x

  • Sending lots of good luck

  • A lovely msg pookymama. Good luck for tomorrow! Xxxx

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