First IVF to start next month - advice on injections, how to get through it with work and general support pls xx

After 2 years and 3 months of TTC, a miscarriage in Jan 2016 and a failed IUI in August, we have decided to go for IVF. We're having it done in London (Chelsea & West) on NHS and I'm scared! It looks like we will start our first round (long protocol) this month, so down reg bursellin injections (0.5) from 21 of next cycle (due on this week) and then stimulation injections (gonal F 225) and EC end Nov. I'm quite nervous about injections (thankfully husband is going to do it!) but can anyone share their injection experience? Is it painful? Did you notice any side effects? Can you carry on working? I've read lots of posts about EC and ET and that sounds manageable with sedation for EC so trying to go with that!

I love how there are so many recent posts of you ladies all sharing your experiences. It really is quite a lonely process, esp as we dont have any friends that have been through this. They've all fallen naturally and seem to sail through life. We therefore tend to keep a lot to ourselves. I do love this site/app though. There are a lot of great positive posts on here and hopefully we can all get each other through! Here's to lots of positives for Christmas and 2017!! X

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  • Hey Hun! I am the same as you and having my ivf at Chelsea and Westminster. The staff there are lovely and I had both my IUIs done there early this year.even though they failed we decided to stick with the hospital for ivf. With your IUI did you take injectables? The injections don't hurt and I quite enjoyed doing them for IUI lol. My husband done all the injections as I was too scared. But don't be worried as it's a breeze. I start my down regulation this Friday! If all goes well my egg collection will be mid November I think. Happy to answer any questions xxx

  • Oh wow, small world! So glad to hear they are nice. It's quite intense and I think doc/nurse support and kindness makes it manageable. I've had a good experience with them so far too. I have only had a consultation with the consultant and the nurse so far. I have my down regulator meds ready to start end of the month (on day 21). I only had orvitrelle/trigger shot with the IUI (had it at a diff hospital in the summer whilst we were waiting for our transfer and appointment) and that was fine! Though it was just one pre-measured injection and husband did it. Hopefully the bursellin ones are a breeze too :-)

    So how long have you been trying? I have heard IUI can take quite a few cycles so IVF will hopefully do the trick. Can only hope, it's been a long 2+ years :-(

  • We have been trying since 2014! As soon as we got married we knew we wanted kids straight away but it didn't happen. I haven't been offered the scratch but thats because I had a lap operation done last October. I had IUI in Feb and may this year. Can't wait to get started noww! Roll on Friday x

  • Yeah we've been trying since we got married in 2014 too! It's been a long old slog to get to this point but you're right we should be excited about the chance to try something that should boost our chances.

    So you start down regs on Friday, not long now.... I'll be about 3 weeks behind you xx

  • Il keep you updated with my journey hun! I do start my injections this Friday :) I didn't have the scratch as I had a lap done last year so they said it wasn't needed. I am happy about that thought because I don't want to get it done!

  • Yeah definitely do! I had an ERPC/D&C (Dilation and curettage) in Jan when I had my miscarriage operation and have had an HSG in June and Hycosy in July. Just dont want to be poked around any more than I have already! Think I am going to do that rather than the scratch but need to decide for sure this weekend really.

    Have come on today and have spent most of the morning in the loos crying :-(

  • Oh also, did you have the endometrial scratch? I've been offered this but don't want to loose the chance of trying this month as apparently you can get pregnant in the month you start bursellin??

  • I hate needles so if I can do it anyone can! My boyfriend did them at first but I had a go and it's amazing how you actually do get used to them. Best advice I can give is to make the most of the space you have, don't inject in exactly the same place each day. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and trust me when I say it's a tough journey but stay positive and it will make that positive pregnancy test feel a million times better than anyone who has just sailed through it! Good luck xx

  • Thats trueโ€ฆ hopefully we will get one soon. Congratulations on your pregnancy, was it IVF that got you there in the end then? Did it work first time? Did you have the endometrial scratch? So can't wait to get pregnant and hopefully stay pregnant too xxx

  • Thank you! Was second attempt at ICSI, didn't have endo scratch. Not a day goes by where I don't know how lucky I am but going through IVF makes you appreciate every bit of good news! You will get there xxx

  • Any questions feel free to send me a message xx

  • In all honesty I wasn't that nervous however when it came to it the thought of injections made me a bit nervous! We had made the decision that my husband would do the injections so he was included in the process as much as possible. He was even looking forward to it in a jokey evil way but after some deep breaths it turned out he was a nervous wreck & couldn't do it....bit of a sap!!๐Ÿ˜‚ So anyway I did it myself, it's actually not that bad though I did give myself a few cracking bruises! I had a few big headaches but only on the stims (no nurofen allowed) also a bit fuzzy headed...almost like a hangover...which is cheeky considering alcohol is off the menu! Egg collection is a breeze, I was watching the whole thing on a monitor with a bit of pain relief but next thing I knew I was back in the ward!๐Ÿ˜ฎ very weird but no pain at all!! I'm finding myself a little isolated too, not single to be out with your pals but not got kids so are not included in all the nursery/kiddy chat. Bit of a toughie....not that anybody means to exclude, just in different circles which is hard!๐Ÿ˜ฏ Good luck!!xx

  • Ahh wow ok well thats good to know. Whens your ET day?

    Know how you feel with the friends and kiddy chat. I have had 19 pregnancy announcements/births this year and last year 5/7 close friends group, had their babies. They all off on maternity together, meeting for coffee and lunch and I really wish I could just join them with my own bubba. Its so hard to keep upbeat but I know you have toโ€ฆ. good luck to you too! Where are you having treatment?


  • I've had my first round of treatment which was unsuccessful. Just waiting to start round 2. I'm in scotland. Yes you do have to stay positive, got to keep going when there is still a chance of a good outcome! All the best!xx

  • I've recently been through a failed icsi cycle similar to ivf but they directly put the sperm into egg so chances are better. It really wasn't that bad. The injections were ok once you got used to them they weren't sore just occasionally nippy. And you do get quite bruised. You need to remain quite relaxed over the process and it's recommend that you rest for at least 48 hours after egg transfer. If you're able to take time off that's better but it depends how physical your job is. No lifting or heavy housework. Basically treat yourself as pregnant until you know you're not xx

  • I am in the process of my 3rd cycle and the injections are nothing to worry about, you will have a teach appointment where they show you had to do it. I also recently had the scratch which I was dreading but was painless and over and done in less than a minute. This site and the lovely people on here are amazing and there's always someone that can offer advice and support xxx

  • Hi Button-123, Glad to hear the injections are manageable. I hope I can get through the side effects at work! Glad to hear endo scratch wasn't painful and was so quick!! Think I've just been mentally scarred from a painful HSG I had in the summer so always worry about that stuff!

    Don't know whether to have scratch on first go but hear it's meant to help with implantation. Just hard as I guess you have to accept you can't try naturally for that cycle.

    Wish we had a crystal ball sometimes. All the not knowing is v hard! Do agree that this site is so lovely as so many people going trough the same thing and able support and help each other. Trying to see this as a positive thing to hopefully have a baby that we so desperately want!

    When are you due for EC? Wishing you so much luck for your third attempt. Let's hope it's 3rd time lucky and you get the best Christmas present ever xx

  • Once you get started with everything you will feel better and it will just become part of your routine and in a weird way I like scans and injections etc as it gives you some control back. I have had quite light side effects just bloated, headaches, but tearful but I just take it on the chin.

    My egg collection is going to be Thur or Fri just waiting for the clinic to confirm (everything crossed for 3rd time lucky, also self funding now so very expensive) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ahhh wishing you all the luck in the world hun. You sound like you have been through it and deserve this!!! Where are you having treatment? Hope this week brings you your miracle xxx

  • Hey mrs so very exciting for you both now. I was terrified of injections so my brave husband did it and to be honest it was fine.A bit sore at the time but we got used to it and tried to see the funny side of it all. I have a very stressful job so took a week off to chill and load up on trash dvds and this has really helped as going in for egg collection this morning and feeling more relaxed than I thought I would. I also did acupuncture and was there last night to calm me down. Try to see it all one step at a time and you will get there and keep a sense of humour.. two bits of advice from a friend of mine who had been through this and I try to stick to them. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for your reply, hopefully it will be ok. Did you take bursellin (to down reg) and Gonal F (to stim?) and did you have any side effects? Hoping I can work through it until EC but might take that week between off? Think sofa and DVDs is a good shout!!

    Good luck today, let me know how it goes! X

  • I took luveris and gonal f to be honest and I don't know what was doing what but they seemed to say I had responded well for low egg count. Just back from ec and 6 eggs so I am pleased and ec was grand I slept right through so now that done.. rest and more trash tv before call tomorrow๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จyouwill be grand with all this.. I am a huge fearty so am amazed I managed to this point xx

  • Well done - sounds like you have been super brave and that this is all manageable. I guess we all want it enough to make it be!!!

    Enjoy trash tv and good luck for the coming weeks, keep me posted xx

  • Thanks hopeful anna๐Ÿ˜€good luck to you too for coming weeks..I think every woman on here is super brave including you๐Ÿ˜€take lots of care xx

  • I hate injections I usually pass out in blood tests and didn't think I'd be able to do my own but when it came down to it I did it. They taught me once in clinic and that one hurt but the needles I got in my pack were smaller , kids needles apparently and I didn't even feel them go in most times I just grabbed a chunk of my tummy and slowly pushed it in . I ran out of needles after about 2 weeks and ordered more but they gave me bigger ones and it took me much longer with them as they hurt more and bruised me so I ended up using my thighs in the last week. I did mine after work so I wasn't stressing myself out in a morning . Good luck I'm a big wimp and managed it so you'll be fine x

  • Thank you for your comment, I hope I have the small needles! Guess I just need to not do in the same place and make sure all bubbles are out before injecting. Are you on gonal F? And have you noticed any side effects? Have you been ok to work through it all so far? X

  • And bursellin (for down reg) did you have many side effects? X

  • I had the bursellin at the beginning too. Just bloating from what I remember x

  • Ok I can handle that, I'll have my leggings at the ready! :-)

    Hope your ok and wish oh you lots of luck for this cycle. Keep us updated x

  • Yes I've worked through it all except I took the day off for egg collection and the day after EC too as my booklet said not to return to work 24 hour after EC. I was lucky that it was a Thursday so I also had weekend to take it easy too. My only side effects throughout the process have been bloating and struggling to go to the loo a bit after transfer think a few people recommend stool softners I think I should have tried them. I was on different drugs to you mine began with an M meno something. Good luck x

  • Oh menopur, ok well sounds all quite manageable. Some of the side effects listed make you think you should just quit working right away!

    Thanks for tips and support. Have you had ET yet? X

  • Yes I had 2 put in on day 3 . That was a week last Sunday so I should know at the end of this week if it's been successful. I haven't had any symptoms whatsoever . No bleeding,or cramps which people seem to get before a bfp so I'm a bit worried but nothing I can do I've done everything I could And if it hasn't worked then I've go to try not be too hard on myself x

  • Hi! ive been down regulating for 23 days on buserelin now and the only side effect i got was head aches and that was only in the last week! injections dont hurt (i was petrified to do them at first) and i couldnt even feel them going in, it takes me about 1 minute in the morning to do :) xxxx

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