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Im in the process of starting ivf treatment through the NHS, hopefully be starting end of April/May,

Slight hold up as despite records show I've had the rubella injection my blood test says I'm not amune to it, so I had to have another Rubella done Friday, and I've got to wait an whole month then have another blood test to make sure I'm now amune. then fingers cross I am ! then I can start :) ,

I have aleready had one failed attempt at ivf that i was private, after given up for a bit I went through nhs that found I had hydrosplinx which I then had to have my remaining tube clipped. So I'm hoping a praying that this time everything will be all Ok and on track and it's finally our chance for it to work after a long time off ttc.

Looking forward to getting to know people going through the same situation,

Wishing Baby dust to all


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  • Hi Leesalou, welcome to the club... it's close by now and something to look forward too. Good luck on your second journey and hopefully all goes to plan this round.

    I'm sure all the team here will support you with anything you feel like sharing and to help with all ups and downs.


  • Thanks Beebeestar

  • Have I put it on the right page / group

    There's tags on there but I didn't choose them and it won't let me change it,

  • Welcome to the site and all the lovely people on here to help you on your journey... Good luck with round 2..Lots of love 😍 xxx

  • Thanks for your reply

  • welcome here, I'm new as well as you. We will start our de ivf soon. On Wednesday we will go abroad for the first consultation. Our luggage is already near the door. Gosh, feel so nervous, so you are not alone here. all women on this forum are very kind and gentle, you definitely will have tons of support and understanding.

  • Thanks for your reply ,

    And good luck for your first cycle of ivf, where abroads are you off too,

    Yes everyone is so lovely so far,

  • we'll go to ukraine, we changed our clinic and decided to go there. i don't know what will be there because I haven't been there before only read comments about clinic and saw its website. of course, there a chance of fault but we are too tired of being infertile. thanks God my husband's sperm motility is good and we have no need to look for a donor, just an egg donor. we already have seen the donor database, I'm so excited and nervous. it's our first time de conception.

  • Wishing you lots of luck, I'm all things nervous, excited scare, postive then not and I've not even started it yet lol, but I feel happier this time round, xx

  • me too, I have frayed nerves.

    tomorrow is our day, we'll go to ukraine to undergo the de treatment. I'm praying for the success. honestly, I don't know what will happen tomorrow, I don't know how to act, how to communicate with other people, they don't know Engllish and it's frightful a bit. Gosh, so much thoughts in my head.

  • Wish you lots of luck, keep us posted,

  • I'm in ukraine right now. So excited and happy and stressed and exhausted from the trip but honestly it's the better feelings I ever had. Wow, there are a lot of people from different countries, lots of medical stuff and other people. I'm in queue, have just a few minutes..

    How are you? any good news?

  • Hi glad your happy with your clinic and that' all is going well, hopefully the queue go down quickly,

    No all the same with me I won't have any news until April as I've got to have a blood test end of next month then wait for the results then I can start if there all good,

    Good luck with your journey

    Keep me posted

  • oh, sorry to hear about this.

    the queue wasn't so slow and I have already sign the contract. we did it very quickly because we have booked the fly tickets back, as our consultant told us the whole process would not take more than a one day. Still we have enough time to relax and walk around.

    My husband is super excited about this country, he told that it seems to be friendly. He was surprised that we had an interpreter and the manager in one person because both of us don't know English.

  • So are you starting your ivf cycle today or this time your Ukraine? Or another visit, glad your both happy?

    Where are you actually from? Xx

  • Well, we just signed the contract and didn't start the ivf cycle, the doctor said I should wait a bit, around one week I guess, but it's not the problem for me, the clinic gave me a pack of meds, so I'm ok with all.

    I'm from Germany and my husband is from UK, but now we are in Germany because of my husband's work.

  • Are cool I learnt German at school many moons ago

    Ich bin leesa

    Think that's right lol, I have an auntie and uncle and cousins that live in Germany,

    Not long to go then,

    Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • wow, great, thanks for good words.

    I met my husband in Germany when I was 20, he worked in my friend's company. It techologies. I didn't pay any attention to him at that time, the next our meeting was on my friend's party. I badly spoke Germany, so we talked in English as I knew this language. I had an amazing teacher at school, who gave me a vast range of knowledge. Thanks to her, I understood my future husband, and here we are, we came through many troubles in our life. And this month did a great step to our happy familly.

    Sorry for a long prelude, how are you dear?

  • That's a lovely story,

    I met my husbandwhilst both on holiday in Portugal the day of 911,

    Yeah I'm good thanks glad it's finally the weekendand next month soon been here :-)

    Have you had your dates back yet when you can start?


  • Thank you very much. We love each other and don't want to lose the connection between us. The all we have is our love.

    How are you? How was your weekend? Did you do something special?

    Yes, I will start in 3 days, I have all meds with me and my friend will give the jabs, so I'm ok with everything.

  • Good good, wow bet your really excited is this your first cycle of ivf? (Sorry my brain is very forgetful if you have told me already)

    Glad you have help with the injections, that takes a bit of the worry away doesn't it,

    Yeah weekendwas ok went to quick,

    How was yours ?

    Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Mine? It's was amazing, we were both so excited about trip in ukraine. We decided to celebrate the first step...

    yes, it's my first de cycle. I had 4 failed with my own eggs, so there is a risk that I would fail one more time. That's why we chose the package with the opportunity to move to the surrogacy conception.

    Thank you much for support

  • Well I wish you all the best in this cycle and wishing you loads and loads of baby dust for this time round,

    Keep us posted

    Make sure you rest and relax plenty


  • thank you very much, I will post my news.

  • Wishing u best of luck on your journey xxx

  • Thanks for you reply,

    Good luck to you too

  • Aw Lesa, wishing you so much luck for your cycle, what a journey so far! I hope you can get started with your treatment soon lovely x x x

  • Thank you for your reply

    Hopefully start mid April / may depending on my blood results,

    Good luck in yours too xx

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