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Hi everyone, hope you all well,

I've been waiting for my blood results back from the doctors to see if I'm amune well rang to say they was still pending, was told to ring back Wednesday as it should be in and ready to go,

However she adviced me that my chosen clinic (Chaucer in Canterbury) is no longer running the IVF clinic,

So I have now got the choice of Tunbridge Wells or Orpington,

I only picked Chaucer mainly as it was the closest,

I'm just wondering if any one on here is from Kent and if so have you used either place?

It's NHS funded, I was told the actual name but I've left the piece of paper at work with it on :(

Then once I ring them Wednesday and confirm where I want to go she will email it all direct to my chosen clinic, and they will then contact me to arrange an appointment to go through the cycle/medication I guess, so may not start till May now as I may just miss this month,

Sorry for long post, say reason for the post is to see people's opinions on the 2 remaining options I have to pick,

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Leesalou,

I am sorry that my reply is not going to be much use to you. It is just that I am in Kent also, so wanted to reach out and say hi.

I am not very far in my journey, nowhere near IVF and not sure I will be able to qualify. I am currently under Medway (as that was my nearest hospital) however I think I could have gone to Tunbridge Wells. I believe this had a much shorter waiting list but don't quote me on that!

Wishing you all the very best when you get your appointment through.

Lucy xx


Hi Lucy

No worries thanks for stopping by to say hello,

That's cool your also from Kent :-)

Have you just started with the doctor ? Have you found out what the problems could be?

This is my 2nd cycle of ivf, first time I paid privately, I'm hoping to start 2nd go in April but I think it's looking more like May,

I have heard the waiting list isn't long at all it's the time before getting approved that takes the time took a year on the 14th April,

Feel free to pm me if you wanna chat more.

Good luck with your journey xx 🍀🍀🍀


Hey! I thought I would reply as I am also in the Kent area and my local area is orpington so would be really interested how long the waiting list for ivf is. I'm still in the tests phase and don't get out results for another 2 months. I have a feeling it will be ivf that we have to go for though. Good luck on your journey! Keep us updated on which one you choose and what the waiting time is 😀

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Hi thanks for your reply,

Orpington is the furthest away out of the 3, I originally choose Chaucer which was my nearest Canterbury, but for some reason they are no longer doing ivf there, so tunbridge would be my nearest so I'll more than likely pick there, I'm just waiting for gyno lady to call me to confirm the names of the 2 again.

That's the only downside to NHS is the long waiting times in between test appointments etc it's taken me over a year to get accepted, say I did have an operation so that could of been why longer, could luck and keep us posted on your journey & I'll update tomorrow with my. Chosen choice xx


I went with tunbridge as it's the nearest out the too.

The Orpington is bmi chelsfield if you wanted to look at there website (that's if your with NHS funding) x

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