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My name is Sohely.I am 32,married for 6years.conceived naturally in 2013 but had a missed abortion. I have thyroid problems I have to take iodine therapy in 2010.naw I have hypothyroidism but its now under lap and dye test was positive,I had ovarian dirlling and my both tubes are fine.I had 2iui but both failed. I don't know what to do next.can ivf work for me?my husband result is good and he is so supportive.but I feel always guilty. Any suggestion will be great. Thank you for reading my post.

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  • sorry to hear about your problem. We faced with the infertility issues too, I know how you are feeling right now. Due to violation of my uterus I canโ€™t bear the baby, youโ€™ll say thatโ€™s not a problem and im not gree with you. We tied several times to get pregnant, I had miscarriages and that crushed my world

    my doc says i have an psychological infertility and he's right, i'm afraid now of bearing a baby and dont know what to do with myself.

    It's a story of 5 years. I've been joined this forum a month ago. I found the fellows here and it's so important to me right now. I don't know what to say, really, probably you'll better to try ivf. It won't work for us as we apply for a surrogacy.

  • Thank you for your reply.I always prey for all woman who wants to be a husband like child so much,that's why I fell bad all the time.but I am not hopeless,I want to keep trying as long as I preyars are with you too.

  • thanks, sorry if i ask stupid question but why your husband is like a child? doesn't he understand that you have problems, do you feel his support? It's weird, and what about your family? do they understand you or act like your husband? the support is so important right now, I remember my feelings and that was crazy. The sleepless nights, days of cryings, Gosh..

    at least i have a loving husband who treat me well.

  • Hi I know this is your post but just read your response and I wondered if you had tried holistic therapies to help you with the psychological part of your infertility? X

  • No, I didn't. Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit, and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness, yes? I didn't think about it. My problem is only mine and I can overcome by myself. I found a support and understanding here, it worth my sleepless nights. I become more happier and positive about my journey.

  • My husband is supportive too.I sometime tell him to remarry but he always tell he just want me,he has no problem if we don't have kids.I am very thankful I get his as my life partner as my marriage was a arrenge marriage.

  • Hi sohely. Well, Your hormones are now more stable and the ovarian drilling will be a bonus, so why not try IVF? You've had all the preparation, so hopefully it could work for you. Good luck with whatever you do decide. The others here will support you along the way - they're a good lot! Diane

  • Thank you diane.we are seriously thinking about ivf.we will consult with my fertility specialist very soon.

  • Hi sohely. I do have a list of questions you might like to go through before you go for your consultation. It is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to I will send them to you. Diane

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