Newbie: Hope for lady with secondary infertility?

Hi all! I joined to share my experience with other women having the same problem. I'm 34 years old. I've got a 10 year old daughter but can't have another pregnancy. My spouse and I had treatment (antibiotics for a sexually transmitted infection) and everything seemed OK, but we still can't conceive one year after completing treatment. Our doctor is talking of in vitro fertilization (IVF). We are both very worried about having IVF since we read that the success rate is about 25%. Plus, it is not covered by insurance. We want to try naturally again for a three to six months before going down that road. I'm tracking my ovulation now (very strict about it) and keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • Aww so sorry to hear this I have a three year old which me and my husband were over the moon for we wanted another one and giving that I had endo I was told my only chance for to fall pregnant again was I'vf I no that the % rate isn't very high as I'm nearly 36 and only 20 odd % but kind of glad I managed to fall naturally with my secound please don't give up hope against all the odds and I struggled with secondary infertility it happened for me and hope it happens for you two wish u and ur husband all the best and Goodluck to u both xc

  • That's a brilliant inspiring story xxx

  • Hello Praxides, i feel for you; secondary infertility is really hard. I get what you mean about the IVF. We have a 4.5 year old and have been trying for a second for 4 years. After being prescribed Clomid ( i have 2 rounds left) IVF would be the next step for us. I am nearly 35, the chances like you say aren't​ that high and i just don't think i want to go through with it, or have the will & strength it requires. ( Hats off to all the ladies who do!).

    So no advice, but you are not alone. It is great to see the positive story from Nicolahunny.

    All good luck vibes to you! Xxx

  • yeah keeping my fingers crossed for u plenty of baby dust coming your way xx

  • Thanks gals. I appreciate your response.

  • Oh Hun hope it all works out for you. Best of luck x

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