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Unexplained infertility!


Hi ladies,

I’m nearly 35 both me and my hubby had all the checks done and everything is ok. We been trying for 1.5 years. I’m really struggling at the mo, we have our next gynae appointment next month and then we are gonna be refered for IVF. It’s really hard when it’s unexplained cause then I’m wondering why we aren’t getting pregnant. Anyone else in similar situation?

Thanks C

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Hi Clare, I'm not in the same situ - mine was related to husband's sperm quantity and quality. However if you go down the ivf route, I don't know if we have been lucky but it's been stress free and painless and worked first time. 9 weeks preg with twins! The hardest part of the process for me was coming to terms with needing ivf in the first place! Good luck! X

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Thank you Kathy, this installs some hope in me. Yes I agree it is hard coming to terms with the fact you have to go through IVF, however it is worth it, Congratulations to you :-)

Hi ClareJ83, I in the exactly same situation and totally understand how you feel.

All our tests are good (including HSG tube test from today's morning), hubby's sperm is amazing +100mln, my AmH level 13.3, been ttc for 16 months. I am really struggling, I feel I need answers like if everything is fine then why it's not happening?

We have a follow up appointment in August to review everything and agree next steps.

I am of course very happy that everything seems fine but...

I think I am just stressed. Like really, really stressed.

Also trying to put on weight as BMI only 18.

I have very low moments I can hardly cope and feel like it's too much but those moments come and go. I am now trying to find coping strategies and just enjoy my life more. Xx

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Thank you for the reply Kiedy, I feel you pain. It is very stressful, try and be kind to yourself and do something to sooth yourself at times of sheer distress, have you thought of yoga, massage etc to try and help with your feelings. I wish you all the best in your journey

I completely get where you are coming from. My husband and I were in a similiar situation. The only difference is we suffered secondary infertility. We went through all tests too and everything was fine. We were waiting for a referral to a fertility clinic where we were going to embark on IVF. We tried for a long time naturally too. We had a loss last year after trying for almost a year. Just to offer you some encouragement, I am now 34 weeks pregnant. I discovered I was pregnant when I got a letter through for an appointment for the fertility clinic. It is a miracle. I know everyone's circumstances are different but I was on high strength folic acid and evening Primrose Oil plus Starflower Oil. I'm not suggesting these helped me conceive but just thought I'd share with you. I had had a diagnostic laparoscopy last June and a dye rinse. Some people told me that rinsing out of tubes can enable pregnancy to occur. I don't know if this is medically proven. However, I got pregnant in August. I honestly feel your anxiety as I was there too. I wish you all the best in your journey and trust that all works out for you too. Maybe say at your gynae appointment about a laparoscopy to rule out e.g. a blocked tube. Get advice on this. Keep us updated on your appointment. Take care.xo

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Thank you Poppy, it was really helpful to me to hear you story and to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you and congratulations :-)

Hi Clare, I'm in the same boar. I'm waiting on results from HSG exam but everything else is "normal"

I find it frustrating that there isn't a reason we haven't conceived (TTC 6 years) because I can't research anything or understand what is "wrong" which makes watching friends & family fall pregnant naturally or easily really really hard

The only light is that at least IVF can be a help, solution or even a tick in the box to say to yourself mentally I've done EVERYTHING I can

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Thank you Joanna, it is very frustrating and very painful. I wish you all the luck in the world

Hi Clare we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and had out first IVF round last August - I’m now nearly 30 weeks pregnant! It is frustrating when they can’t give you a diagnosis however by the time we were referred for IVF because it hadn’t happened naturally for us we were really ready for it and saw it as the necessary next step we needed to take! Hope this gives you some positivity wishing you lots of luck xxxx

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Yes it is frustrating because if at least if something's wrong then there's an explanation. Congratulations on your pregnancy :-)

Hi Clare. We’re in same boat. Been TTC for 2.5 years with no joy. All our tests are normal...bloods, scans, sperm. My AMH and antral follicle count are good for my age.

We’re now doing our 1st cycle IVF. I was told at our first appointment that “unexplained” fertility gives you slightly better odds of success with IVF which made me feel better. It might not be big odds but every little helps.

I know it’s frustrating. I often wonder why it hasn’t happened and worry that it’s something that we haven’t discovered yet which will rear it’s ugly head soon ie poor quality eggs or incompatibility between our eggs/sperm. But...I’m also thankful that neither of us have anything serious or irreversibly wrong. And neither of us need to feel guilty that it’s our “fault” (although no one should feel like that). It’s really frustrating when everyone around you seems to fall pregnant easily!! Esp as you can’t give a reason why it’s not happening for you.

I’m just so glad that IVF exists and gives us all an option! Xx

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Hi Jenroy,

Yes that is good news, hopefully i'll be lucky with IVF and you right we are lucky that nothing is really very wrong with us and I guess I forget that when i'm in my pain. Thank you for your post, it reminded me to think a bit more positively about things :-)

My daughter was like you but she asked the clinic could she try clomid she was given 6 mths supply but only took 4 mths and is now pregnant and going today for her first scan so don’t give up she had been trying for 3 yrs before she took the clomid so maybe your dr could give you a try on clomid hope this may help you x

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Thank you Kingsley,

Your post helped me think about considering more clomid, thank you. Congratulations to your daughter

Hi hun, I’m exactly in the same situation. We don’t have any fertility problem, I’ve done my first ivf cycle in January but unfortunately it failed. The only thing my fertility dr said that I might have endometriosis and that’s the only thing they can’t find with scan or blood test,only can find with laparoscopy. Ask your dr about it xx

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Hi Anna,

Im sorry to hear your first IVF didn't work, don't lose hope and thanks for the advice.

Can I ask if you have ever had a laparoscopy to rule endometriosis out? ( it doesn’t show on a scan)

The reason I ask is it is not a standard fertility test tho I think it should be 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was in a similar situation as you; all our tests came back normal. And although that is reassuring to hear; it was really stressful not to know why we were having such a struggle to conceive. Anyway after 5 years and 10 months oft trying finally we got our explanation for infertility ; I have endometriosis. We managed to fall naturally; first time in six long years of not being able to. I did unfortunately miscarry but we still see this as progress in our journey to get our baby.

Sometimes they don’t always know the cause but I thought I’d throw that suggestion out there.

All the best to you. xoxo


Hi jess,

Thanks for your post. No ive haven't has a laparoscopy, thanks for sharing your story with me. I will discuss this with my doctor. In wish you all the best with your journey thank you

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I also fell pregnant for the first time in 2 years ttc after a laparoscopy x


Hi Clare, I turned 35 in December and we've been trying for 3 years - unexplained too. I'm 2 weeks into my ivf cycle at the moment 😁

I've had an hsg, ultrasound (internal and abdominal), bloods to check thyroid, fsh, amh and lots of other hormones - all normal. OH sperm count/motility also normal.

I totally get your frustration; on one hand it's good to know there is nothing seriously wrong but on the other hand it's hard that there isn't an issue to fix. Not that it's always that straight forward!

I would suggest getting a few additional bloods done if you can; B12, folate and vit D. My GP did these for me. My cousin was found to be folate and B12 deficient but this wasn't checked until she had 3 failed transfers. My were all ok.

Good luck xx

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Hi JoJo

Many thanks for you reply. Fingers crossed for you on your 2nd cycle of IVF. Yes your absolutely right about the frustration. Thanks for advise on extra bloods :-)

Hi, we've been trying for just over a year and a half and in a sort of similar situation. We had our first gynae appointment yesterday.... DH has low sperm quality so has to try 6 weeks on a supplement she told us about (proxy something) and I need to have a test to make sure my tubes aren't blocked and if that all comes back fine and my husbands sperm quality improves, we'll go on to 6 months of clomid in june/july and if that doesn't work, then ivf. It's great to finally have a plan of action but it's still feels like an incredibly long road and I just can't seem to turn my negative attitude round!! Having said that, there's some great success stories above which is boosting me from my negativity a bit. Are you being put on clomid? Good luck!! Xxx

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Hi Refocus

Many thanks for your reply. I wish you luck on your journey. Yes I was put on climid for 2 months, my doctor didn't want to put me on any longer than that. I have my next appointment in May and he said if I'm not pregnant then he will refer for IVF. x

It becomes even more difficult to have hope when the cause is unknown. It is like you are being punished for something you have no idea about. It must be a hard time for you honey. Please be strong and try staying calm. I have a friend who faced a similar condition. For years they TTC but all in vain. The tests were normal. Apparently, there was nothing wrong with them. Later they found out that her husband's sperm count was low and her eggs were unable to get fertilized because of this. They had to consult various doctors to get this information. I suggest you do the same. She was unfortunate that even IVF didn't work for her. She opted for surrogacy in the end. It was a long journey but they say all is well if it end well. Same was the case for her. I wish success for you too. XOXO

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for advice, thats helpful. I think your absolutely right about trying to stay calm and positive. x


You are right; this unexplained infertility is such stressful thing.

You never came across with any conclusion.

And the option that is offered to you is IVF.

Good to hear that you had your entire test clear.

I and my friend had IVF experience.

I had not so good experience but happy that my friend is now blessed with a healthy pregnancy.

It’s all about circumstances. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it's bad.

I wish you all the luck.

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Thank you Jessica xx

Hi all,

We too have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I removed my Mirena June 2016 and despite initially telling myself that I was fine whether it happened or not I got more worried as the months turned into a year and then into a year and a half and now over 2. Worse I am a doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology a job I have wanted since I was 16. I am now 37 soon 38 in November.

Hubby semen is better than immaculate. I have at least one patent tube as the other tube didn't filled slowly. I had a myomectomy about 7 years ago to remove large fibroids (not affecting the cavity). I have some fibroids again not distorting the cavity and nowhere as big as 7 years ago. My AMH is 16.3, appears I am ovulating with regular periods.

My consultant has suggested IVF, hubby is not keen and reluctant. Also I am struggling with weight gain since I came off the Mirena so my BMI is unlikely to qualify for IVF under NHS. I am stuck as in my local area we get 3 cycles IVF pre 40 and time is running out. Any ladies out there having similar difficulties.


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