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In desperate need of reassurance please

I'm 6+2 and I know I should be enjoying my pregnancy but I can't help but look into every little cramp and feeling. My nausea started last Friday but was barely noticeable. It has been increasing all week (great right?) until yesterday lunch when it disappeared. At the same time I started to get AF style cramps. I didn't panic yesterday as I've had every type of cramps going over the last 3 weeks. Today I have had no nausea and only had AF style cramps. I'm really hoping someone can ease my paranoid mind and tell me that it's common for nausea to come and go like this, and that AF style cramps are also normal. Thank you! 😟

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Hi Jacqui84. Oh you have worked up a right tizz haven't you? Try not to worry, and remember that your womb will have started to expand, so that is why you get the twinges you're not used to. As it increases in size you will feel stretching etc until it starts to peep over your pubic hair line, when it usually settles at about 12/40wks. Have you had your first scan yet? If not, it won't be far off, then you can meet your little "bean" and be reassured that all is progressing well. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane. We've booked a scan for 7+1 so not long away. Unfortunately I'm currently under the care of no-one as I wait to be assigned a midwife, my GP hasn't been helpful, and the fertility clinic who prescribed the cyclogest will not get back to me. Plus we've not yet told anyone so it's quite easy for me to work myself up! I have concerns about the cyclogest but I know I can put those to one side for a few weeks. I'm just so grateful for this forum, and for you, where I can ask the silly questions! Thank you for the reassurance

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Hi. So pleased that you are having your scan at 7/40wks. I always prefer doing them at that time, as you get accurate information (my thoughts). Not long to wait now. I shall be thinking of you. Diane

I didn’t get any sickness whatsoever during pregnancy so try not to worry and cramps are probably stretching. I had lots of period pains up until about 16 weeks xx

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Thank you hun. I think the two things combined have just sent my paranoia into overdrive! Xx

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I know what you mean. It’s never ending unfortunately but good luck for your scan!! Xx

Hi Jacqui. I'm 6 weeks and 2 days and I'm the same as you. I want to feel positive about my pregnancy but I'm worried about everything. Its amazing to get this far but i feel really negative about our chances which I know is silly. I dont want to start all over again. So far I have had AF pains and heavy bloating plus exhausted all day. Not quite sickness either. My husband is not getting his hopes up till our scan on 29th jan but it also makes me feel sad that we can't just enjoy it and embrace our precious miracle. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with worry x

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I've had the bloated and tiredness too but my stomach is almost normal size again and the tiredness is better today. I know I'm being super paranoid, but as you say, it's to be expected when you've been through everything we've been through. I hope both of our scans go well and we can begin to enjoy it all soon. If you ever need to chat just PM me xx

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Thanks for the support Jacqui and apologies that I have ended up needing help instead of offering it to you! It becomes so apparent that unless other people you speak to have been through this journey whatever form it took, they don't understand the added worry on top of normal pregnancy. Positive thoughts and I am sure it will all be ok. It's got that bad that I found a website that calculates your miscarriage risk on each day of preganancy! However it kind of helped me in a round about way as I like to know the hard facts to help me understand things.

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You have been a help hun, thank you.

Oh dear, that is pretty terrifying working out miscarriage rates, but I do get what you mean about having all information to hand xx

Hey honey please dont worry about it. Hang in there for scan and dont work your self. like many peple have mentioned its natural to feel the cramps and sickness on and off. please try not to worryy. best wishes.xxxx

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Thanks for the reassurance hun. It's easy to get paranoid and I'm so grateful to all of you for taking the time to put my mind at ease xx

Hi Jacqui, it’s normal to worry and don’t feel bad about it. Cramps are definitely normal- your uterus is stretching etc. Why are you concerned about using the cyclogest? X

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Thanks hun. I've had all sorts of different cramps, some of which could definitely be described as tugging and pulling. The AF style cramps haven't happened too often though and always worry me when they do start. As you say, I'm sure it's just my uterus growing.

On the cyclogest, I'm not worried about taking it, it's the only reason I was able to get pregnant. I'm more worried about when I'll have to stop it. My work are incredibly inflexible, ironically more so to those who don't have children (if only they knew). I want to take a few days off when I stop the cyclogest to reduce the normal stress my body is under to make the transition easier, but I can't plan that leave as I don't know when I need to stop taking it. I know it's around 12 weeks, but I think it differs depending on your situation and levels. And it's that worry that concerns me xx

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Oh I see. Well wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy Hun! Try to enjoy this miracle and relax (easier said than done) xx

I'm almost ten weeks and i also get cramps here and there. The nausea also comes and goes. I was so worried and anxious about the pregnancy that i did weekly scans from week 7 to 9 just make sure its still OK.i wish i could it again weekly but im now just taking it easy and restraining myself haha.the guy doing the scan always wondered why bet he thought i was crazy haha.but I am crazy coz this process can do that to anyone.

I wish you a happy pregnancy and fingers crossed for your scan .

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Thanks hun and thank you for the reassurance. I totally get the desire to do regular scans, you're right that this process does that to us! Good luck for your 12 week scan soon, and the rest of your pregnancy xx

Hi there, I’m nearly 11 weeks and had the same tugging / pulling sensation around 6/7 weeks - it’s totally normal! My nausea started at 7/8 weeks and the sickness has been on/off since then but hoping it goes at 12 weeks. The most important thing is to drink plenty of water, take daily folic acid tablets and try and stay positive! Carrots & breadsticks have been my saviour! I had one scan at 7 weeks, saw the heartbeat and now waiting for midwife apt and 12 week scan which is all very exciting!! Wishing you all the best for a healthy & happy pregnancy!! 😘

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Thank you hun. I've definitely been wanting more savory foods, and recently plain pizza! So perhaps this is the start of cravings? I'm certainly feeling more positive today thanks to all you wonderful ladies. Good luck for your 12 week scan soon and the rest of your pregnancy xx

On the cyclogest, I would try and wean yourself off - I cut down from 2 pessaries to 1 and then from everyday to every other day. Xx

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I would say do that on the advice of the clinic. They normally advise to keep taking until week 12.

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And thanks for this. Like Sanchia says, I'm aiming to get advice from the specialists first, though a week on and I've had no advice yet. It would make sense to cut down like you say. Are you off the cyclogest completely now? Xx

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Sorry, wasn’t suggesting that you should stop early. My friend has a short cycle and got pregnant using cyclogest and she’s taking them til 12 weeks and then weaning herself off gently rather than stopping abruptly. I was told to stop mine after my 7 week scan (I went IVF ICSI route) but used that method. I’m sure your clinic we be in touch soon - don’t be afraid to chase them if not!! Xx

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Thanks hun, I'm hugely grateful for the advice and experience xx

That's great news about twins! Congratulations.

I think I've also done around 9 tests, doubt they'd change much now though on either way, and I'm just about getting over that psychological barrier. I'm looking forward to my scan on Thursday, I hope you get to see the development of your two beautiful little beans xx

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