First post - embryos on board

Hi all,

I love reading all the posts and following others in the same situation.

So today I have had two embryos transferred. Not sure about grading (didn't ask, as just going with the flow) 1 was a blastocysts and the other a morula.

Been feeling mostly positive but just recently feeling emotional. I thinks it because it's just the waiting game and nothing else to do.

Finding it hard, when you're trying to do ivf but not telling your friends about it. Socialising seems more tricky. Especiallally as I still have to inject blood thinners in the evening.

Fingers crossed for sticky embies! Baby dust to all xxxxxx

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  • Best of luck EndoClaire. I know how you feel. I wish you all the best on your TWW. 🍀

  • Hi

    Completely feel the same as you with the socialising. Funnily enough with stopping drinking and not having caffeine no-one at work has put two and two together lol. Possibly because most are men at work.

    Sending you baby dust and good luck x

  • Hope it's a positive for both of us Hun xxx

  • Lots of love and luck to you..try to keep busy during 2ww if you can .do lots of nice things to be good to yourself xx

  • Good luck with your 2ww Claire, it is really tough but try to distract yourself as much as you can and you will soon look back and really how quickly everything went. At the minute it probably feels like time is standing still but I promise it isn't. Have everything crossed for you 🤞🏻 X x x

  • I can relate. I just had two blastocyst transferred and now in 2ww too. It's a looong wait 😣xx

  • Same here darl, wish you all the best.

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