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Embryo on board!! 13.9.16

So transfer day was yesterday and all went well, embryologist gave us the news we had one grade A embryo (with grade B placenta) to transfer and 2 other embryos that looked like they weren't making it past day 5. Called back today and they have been frozen - forgot to ask what grade they were in all the excitement. Just a few things I forgot to ask, wondering if you ladies could help:

During the 2WW:

1. Should you avoid perfume/ perfumed body wash/ strong air fresheners etc

2. Is it normal to get slight crampy feeling and small amount of light brown blood after transfer? O(had this yesterday)

3. Is walking around healthy for blood flow to the uterus or should I avoid?

4. Is there anything which is a complete no no that could harm embryo?

Had a total mind blank yesterday at the hospital with being a bit emotional so any help would be much appreciated :) xxx

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That great news Hun . I had transfered 5d blastocyst grade A and one I had to freeze . Drink water 2-3 l a day . Eat lots of fruits and vegetables . Don't do any lifting no bath just shower . I sleep with socks and I wear socks around home to keep my feet warm . Walk is good slow normal walk Hun . For 2days after transfer I had like period pain then just disappear and then come back on late evening day 5 and still was next day . But on that day 6 I sow some pink and brown spotting discharge ..only when I wipe and put progesteron . Day after in evening was gone . My boobs was little sensitive but only in beginning . They bit bigger but no hurting at all doesn't feel anything diferent and maybe on day 3 I had only few very small cramps but never had since . Don't worry about little blood after transfer I had that too and later that day was gone . I didn't use perfume at all but I don't know if that will have any effect . I know when I had my first cycle two days before nurse told me DO NOT USE ANY PERFUME on your transfer day ...she say that "embryo don't like it "... Hun thank u for congratulation me and I hope this 2ww will pas Kwik . Baby dust for u and keep us updating . Xx🍀🍀🍀

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Congratulations fr successful transfer. It s common to hv mild cramps n little bleeding after transfer..wish u good luck fr ur bfp.


Just wanted to say good luck!!! I have my first ivf appointment next week and I'm excited to to finally get strayed with it! X


Good luck! Take it easy for the two weeks, no lifting (emptying bin, hoovering etc), avoid heat to your stomach so no baths, hot tub, hot water bottle..., gentle walking is supposed to be good, I avoided strong shower gel and soaps but still used deodorant and perfume as normal, I had a tiny bit of brown blood after transfer, I did get a BFP but has recently ended around the 6 week mark :-( best wishes and try to rest as much as you can xxx

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Amazing news stargaze89 . Best of luck with the journey

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