2 embies on board !

This morning we had our 5dt and we had 2 blastocysts put back on board. Unfortunately we didn't get any frozen which I would of loved but it's not meant to be! This is our last round so we are praying that this will be our time !

Hope your all doing well. Anybody ever had 2 blasts transfered ? How did you do? 

I guess from now on its out of our hands. We have done everything we possibly could of so we can't do anymore other than just hope that it was all worth it :)

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  • Hope everything works out for you :-)

  • Thank you wizzleandmolly  xx 

  • I really hope you get that BFP!

    Good luck.

  • Thank you pm27 fingers crossed one day we will all get our wish of being mummy's 😙 xx

  • Sadly it looks like it won't happen for me and hubby. We've ceased treatment after 3 rounds of ICSI and 2 mc from natural conceptions.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Sorry to hear that lovely. I hope you will get that unexpected pregnancy you deserve it after all the hard work you have done to try and get your dreams 😙 x 

  • Bless you. It's very unlikely given my age (43) and hubby's issues. Wish we'd started earlier. Hopefully at your age you'll have a much better chance of success.

  • Best of luck! I was similar to you, ended up with 2 blasts last Oct, nothing to freeze and had both transferred. Did they explain there is a high chance of twins if it works? Something like 1 in 4. For us it has led to a twin pregnancy, so you never know!

  • Hi congratulations on your amazing news of a twin pregnancy. Yes they said that there is a chance of multiple births and we had to sign a disclaimer. But after nearly 9 years off ttc the idea of twins has not been so dauntin, infact I would absolutely love it. There's twins in my family as well.xx

  • Wow, 9 years is a long time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! If 89 is your year of birth, you should have some nice quality eggs, which is good. Mine are 10 years older!

  • Yes I'm only 27yrs old. Did u do anything different in 2ww this time ? X 

  • I was on high dose folic acid for about a year before the cycle due to recurrent miscarriage, I'm still taking it now. I was also on the Pregnacare conception and eltroxin for thyroid levels for a long time before. Other than that, I just took care of my diet and ate lots of protein, drank litres of water and took it easy. I think they implant really quickly, within 2-3 days and the only 'sign' I had that it may have worked was an upset tummy around the time implantation would have happened. 

  • I had two 5 day blastocysts transferred and I now have 13week old twin girls who are amazing. Twins is not as difficult as everyone assumes, you have to super organized though and have lots of energy- so make sure you're getting plenty of rest at the moment. Good luck for this cycle xx

  • Thank you for the advice Tlove I have been taking folic acid and pregnacare conception for a while now also been taking maccaroot powder so fingers crossed ! That's fantastic news Kernishp  congratulations on the safe arrival of your twin girls. Xx

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