Two little embryos that thawed perfectly are on board and hopefully lucky and sticky. Just got to stay relaxed and wait now while keeping everything crossed. Making our slow and steady way home via train now to a hopefully relaxing weekend of pyjamas and duvet on the sofa. Fingers crossed now! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me luck and was thinking of me today. It meant a lot and i appreciate each and every one. Hopefully third time is the charm :)

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  • Ooo Sending lots of Good Luck your way KittyK, how lovely to have 2 onboard! Praying it works this time for you xx

  • Thank you. We have everything crossed and im trying to do nothing this week so hopefully this is it :)

  • Wishing you all the best for the 2ww. I hope you get your bfp my lovely. X

  • Thanks sunny. I've still got the dregs of a cough so every time I cough I'm like...omg what if I'm stopping them implanting - it's going to be a long 2 weeks lol xx

  • Hope everything goes fine... Try some gentle yoga , that might help relaxing .. There are lots of videos on youtube on that . Xx

  • Thank you. Am relaxing at home and husband is waiting in me hand and foot. Am a bit worried that I can't stop coughing (leftover from my cold last week) as surely that's not going to help implantation? But otherwise quite relaxed xx

  • Good luck, keeping everything crossed for you πŸ€Xx

  • Thank you xxx

    I keep coughing (leftover from my cold) and I'm worried I'm going to stop implantation - the worry for the 2ww begins lol

  • That's great news Kitty, the wife has EC on Thursday, we got a call on Friday to say 7 had fertilised ( due to scam revealing a pylop), FT won't be done yet and possibly a FET at a let date after pylop is removed. We hope to hear from the embryologist tomorrow to see how the eggs are developing.

    So pleased for you. Relax, take care and keep in touch kitty

  • Sorry to hear about the polyp but 7 fertilised is very good :) that's pretty much the hard part over. I know you must be disappointed you can't have them back now but the drugs for an FET are so less invasive. Good luck for your friend :) x

  • Thanks for the heads up... I'll be sure to let the wife know... hope we get a positive call again today

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