Update on my little embryos!

Afternoon ladies.

I had my call from the clinic this morning and all 4 of my embryos have developed well! Can't believe it. They said they like them to be a minimum of 6 cells at this stage and I have 1 at 8 cells and the orher 3 at 7. All grade 2. They sounded really happy. Just need to get my call tomorrow with my transfer time on Monday!

Am little so excited and so proud of my little embryos!!!

They have said my lining is healthy and they have no concerns about it but is there anything anyone would recommend me to do to help my chances of an implantation? Xx

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  • Oh so excited for you x

  • Thank you so much! Am so excited :-) xx

  • thats great news hun very happy for you :) xxxxx

  • Hiya. Thanks so much. Literally have everything crossed that it works xx

  • Yeah!!! Such great news. Xxx

  • Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š the support on here has been amazing xx

  • Missav this is wonderful news! I'm so happy this has gone so well for you :) All the best with your transfer ekk how exciting! Another hurdle smashed! Well done X

  • Hi Jess.

    Thank you so much. If it wasn't for you telling me about egg sharing I wouldn't be here. Can't thank you enough. Hope eveything is still going well with you xxxxxxx

  • Bless you you're most welcome :) glad it has gone so well for you :) Everyone should have a chance to become a mum and some of us need a a little help to get there. I know I do(without my fibroid op I cannot get pregnant)

    Good luck with your transfer hope it goes well sure it will do :) And hope the 2ww goes by quickly! And you get your bfp you so deserve it after what you have done :) You might have helped another woman get her much wanted baby I think that is lovely X

  • Excellent news, your little embryos are thriving and very keen to enter this world! There's so much advice on the internet about implantation, drink pineapple juice, take baby aspirin, avoid bananas and strong smells, hot baths etc? If I were you I'd just take it easy and keep talking to your little embie x

  • Oh wow! Lots of funny little things to do lol. I'll defo have a google ๐Ÿ˜Š i have Monday off work. I only work in an office so sat down all day but do you think I'd be better to have Tuesday off too? Xx

  • It's probably not necessary to have a second day off after transfer if you're office based, though why not treat yourself to a day off and do something nice for yourself, I know I would x

  • Great news, bet your recipient was pleased too.

    Rest after implantation and take it easy for a few days.

  • I really hope she was. So nice to think I've helped another lady too ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

  • I'd have a few days at the least off work, I didn't feel back to normal till about the Thursday after a Monday collection. I've been told Danio yogurts which are high protein, not sure if it works but I had loads the month it worked for me and I'd never eaten them before. Could be coincidence mind you! I tried the pineapple juice thing but no luck. Think it's just random luck tbh but I'd keep yr bath water on the warm but cool side. Xx

  • I would recommend fresh pineapple including the core for five days from transfer. It worked for me xx

  • Ooooo ok thanks. Will pick one up tomorrow after my transfer :-) xx

  • Good luck Missav, thinking positive thoughts for you! :-) xx

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