Transfer done we now have 2 embryos on board

Quite shocked as only thought they would put 1 back. I have got a sharpe stick pain on the left side of belly ( we was just walking to car when I felt it) so boyfriends gone to get car and pick me up I'm standing on the street .

Anyone else had pain after transfer like a stich pain.

I was desperate for a wee, and didn't manage to go much after transfer as was worried it would fall out , maybe that's y I have pain xxx

Test days on the 3rd keep everything crossed for us xxxxxx

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  • Hi Aimaim77. So pleased that is al lover with now and your boyfriend managed to go with you. Stabbing pains are common after transfer, due to holding your cervix still while transferring embryos. Fingers crossed all goes well for you. Diane

  • Good luck πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€ why did you/they decide to put 2 back in? As this is something i've been wondering. Rest up now and fingers crossed for you x

  • Thank you , we were shocked too !!! They said because of my age I'm 38 they put 2 back , we have been led to beleve that it would only ever be 1 embryo they transfer unless the embryos were of poor quality in which case 2 would be transferred.

    Well we were told today that all of my 6 embryos are of very good quality and that they are putting 2 in.

    I still can't beleve it think we're in shock lol , but over the moon xxxx

  • Thats great to hear! I'm also 38 so maybe if I get that far its also what they will suggest. You've fond brilliantly getting as many as you have of that quality. Gives me some hope too! xx

  • Great you've got embies in the freezer.

    Good luck for OFT, resist the temptation to test early and avoid googling symptoms or lack of.

  • That's great news! Really pleased to hear you've had a great result after a stressful weekend! All the best!x

  • Best of luck!! Hope you've discussed the possibility of twins with your boyfriend... It is a real possibility with 2 embryos πŸ˜‰

  • Yeah we realise this but I'm still trying not to get my hopes up yet, 😊😊

  • Good luck and stickiness to you 😘

  • Huge luck!! So exciting! :)

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