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Newbie! 😏

Hi all,

I've been sat observing the site and trading posts for the last couple of months.

Me and my parter have been ttc for over 2 years now with no luck.

I've deep down always known there was a problem with me, but I'd never investigated any further as the situation was never right.

So I went to my gp in November, had all the usual blood tests, was told I don't ovulate & need to be referred for ivf. I have tested every month since, and I do ovulate. Just seems later then the 21 days.

We have had our first consultation at the hospital in January and filled out forms for funding.

After a long 4 week wait (to the day!!!) I finally got the call today to say we'd been approved and a consent pack along with first appointment will be with me within 7 days.

I'm looking for any advice possible please. We still don't know the actual reason behind not conceiving. I'm excited/petrified for the next steps.

Any hints,tips or ideas as to what I can expect in the upcoming months...

Thanks! ☺

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I don't have any specific advice right now but I just wanted to say congratulations for getting the ball running and funding - and of course welcome 🤗🤗 xoxo


Thank you! Extremely happy we have been accepted for funding. Just very scared as I really don't know much about the whole process. Hoping the nurses/doctors will fill me in more as we go along! 😏


Yes and when the questions arise we'll all be here to support and help 🤗🤗

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Welcome to the site and congratulations on starting your first cycle.

Feel free to message if you ever have any questions.

Lots of luck 🤞🏼 Xx


Thanks Kloulou83 😊 xx


Hi Jade!! You're in the right place for asking questions, this place is like a lifeline for me!

The only real tip I have is the worst one that I could possibly give you; Have patience. It's impossible to not get swept away with everything and it's understandable that you'll be nervous but sooooo excited to get started. But, the very best you can, take plenty of deep breaths and each day/week/step as it comes.

Wishing you lots and lots of luck, I hope everything does smoothly for you both x x x


Hi there, I don't have much advice I'm afraid as I'm a newbie too, but wanted to say hi as I fully understand how daunting this journey is and feel like I'm in a similar place. I've been diagnosed as "unknown" and has my first consultation back in August. I only joined the site on Tuesday after we reached the top of the waiting list and had our followup nurses appointment with a treatment start date in March, but I have already seen what a fabulous bunch of people are here, willing to share advice and offer support. I wish you all the very best of luck with your journey. x


Thanks for the reply! It's such a scary journey and the unknown for me is the worst part. I just want to know what's wrong with me in a weird way!

I'm happy to be starting treatment & I've been advised treatment should be complete within 6 months so without wishing my life away atleast it isn't too long to wait to hopefully know what's happening!

Wishing you all the best with your treatment! Hope it all goes well 😊 xx


Hi Jadep01, (and other ladies)

I would like to send you positive vibes as it sounds like our journeys are really similar except I have been diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis. I had a lap in October and hoped that might have done the trick but nothing. We are also now at the stage of waiting for an initial appointment but it is really tough as I have always been quite 'against' treatment for various reasons, spiritually and ethically. So I'm in a bit of mental conflict despite being very lucky to have been accepted for NHS treatment. It's hard to know what to expect even though many ladies say it's not that bad. I'm terrified of the drugs and wonder whether we are really aware yet the long term impact of ivf on babies and mums. There are so many feelings to deal with. Guilt at not being too desperate to care about ill effects and just going to every degree of craziness to finally become a family.

Anyway, I'm also new here and just wanted to empathise as am also feeling like I'm standing on the precipice.

Good luck with it all.



Hi Michelle, thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention I have actually been diagnosed with PCOS also. That's been confirmed now. But I was under the impression many women conceive with PCOS.

Can I ask why you have always been 'against' treatment?

On a personal level, whether it be classed as guilt, naivety or desperation I am willing to try anything to enable me and my fiancé to have our own baby.

Best of luck to you too with whatever decision you take.



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