Has my treatment worked??

Me and my husband have been trying for a baby together for almost 5 years with no success, I have known from the age of 12 I have pcos and don't ovulate, we found out a couple of months ago that my husbands sperm levels are normal so I was put on chlomid last month, I'm now having all the signs of being pregnant, sore breast ( new symptom for me) feeling sick and tired constantly and also constipated, craving one type of food and I have slight abdominal cramps which I always got with my pcos? Is there any chance I could be pregnant?? I will be extremely happy if I am.

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  • Go get some pregnancy tests !!! more than one because you probably wont believe it - keep in touch and share your success story with us www . infertility help today . com


  • You have some positive signs. Do a preggy test and let us know ur good news :-)

  • Hi MrsSqueak21. There is always the possibility that your 1st course of Clomid has worked. You will have to wait until you get to day 28 of your menstrual cycle, and then if nothing has happened and the symptoms you are experiencing persist, you will need to do a pregnancy test before commencing your 2nd course. You will then have an idea whether you are or not pregnant. I do hope that it has worked for you 1st time – that would be wonderful. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • I'm a little worried I took a test yesterday which was faintly positive but my symptoms have calmed right down, what could this mean x

  • Relax and do another test. Your body is probably still adjusting to being pregnant. A faint positive is still a positive. :-)

  • I dunno what to do, urine tests are giving me mixed results no got to wait for appointment, keep getting slight tummy pains, feel sick 24/7, my only pregnancy ended in miscarriage but no one wants to help me, I'm getting really worried and upset incase im not this time or something happens, doesn't help my mum and husband keep talking about the baby and getting all excited and I'm the one who's worried incase the negative tests are correct, don't think I could hurt my husband like that again!

  • I got to 6 weeks and lost it, no me and my hubby are barely talking, dunno how to take it

  • I know it is really hard. I have lost 2 babies at 8 weeks. Both times me and my husband went through i very hard time emotionally. All i could think of was that it must have been my fault, and I think he felt it was better to not talk about it in case it made me even more upset, but that made me think he didnt care and caused more upset. Try not to feel guilty, and try if you can to talk to each other, i know its hard. Thinking of you xxxx

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