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I'm a newbie here :)

Hi all, I hope it's ok to join in.

My hubby and I have bee TTC for almost 2 years (for baby number 1) and have been undergoing various tests at the fertility clinic. Basically after LOaDS of tests it has been established that medically there is no reason (so far) for my not being able to conceive, hubby however had a sperm count and has half the amount he should have (however we have been informed by the specialist that this is enough to conceive - it only takes one right?!)

Anyway, I am regular as clockwork, I am now 7 days late and have NO signs of AF (I usually have really sore boobs) but having said that, I don't have any signs of a pregnancy either.

I'm currently on the list for a laparoscopy to check my tubes, and if they're all clear we will be going in for IVF.

I've done 6 pregnancy tests (different brands) and all negative, I'm really trying hard to expect the witch to come and find me soon but I can't help but feel a little hopeful too!

Any advice would be gratefully received xx

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Hi and welcome! Just to say that my DH had low sperm count - it does indeed only take 1, as ICSI is used now, so a single sperm is injected into each egg. I am now 20 weeks pregnant from our 2nd IVF cycle :-) Good luck and lots of love xxx


Hi same with me, as previous response they found nothing wrong with me but husband had a low sperm count even though he got me pregnant twice I miscarried them both.we went for icsi in the end because it's got a better chance of working as they only use the good sperm and now I'm gald to say I'm 24 1/2 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Mind due I must admit I'm still nervous that everything is ok.also must admit the whole process wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with all the injections because I really didn't think it would work. so I never got my hopes up so never put too much pressure on myself.I think that's the key really just do what they tell you and enjoy the ride.good luck and I'll be sprinkling baby dust over you xxx


Thank you so much for your hopeful response! And a huge congratulations to you and your hubby!

I'm going to call the doctor this morning as there is still no sign of AF and I've just had another negative test result


So I called the doctor today and he's advised it could be one of 2 things....We could have been successful and I'm pregnant and the hormone levels are too weak to be detected in a test, OR I've randomly missed a period and it should come back in "a few weeks" he's told me to refrain from doing another test for 14 days! And if still no positive wait a further 4 weeks and if still no aunt flow, he will see me then!!

It looks like I'm going to have to wait it out! X


Fingers crossed for you Millie-moo! x


Thank you vickal, I'm not too hopeful and WISH I could stop doing these tests! Lol x


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