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First roundof Clomid and my cycle is all messed up

Hi everyone

This month I took Clomid days 2-6 and part from being really hot and waking in the night burning up I thought I was fine. I track my cycle by my bbt and I know roughly when I ovulate and know that I do ovulate however with Clomid I can't tell if I have (as my temps are all over the place) and my cycle has never been longer than 30 days and I'm now up to 35. Has anyone else has Clomid change their cycle? Is it worth speaking to my doctor as I don't know what my body is doing anymore!


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Hi Mrsjj.

I have just done my 10th Clomid cycle, sadly another BFN and my cycles have ranged from 21days to 58 during the 10 cycles, averaging around 32 days. I believe Clomid should regulate you and extend your cycles by a few days anyway.I found that when i had cycles over 33days it was anovulatory, when this happen my Clomid dosage was increased the next month, i`m currently on 150mg and that seems to be working. After about 5cycles and on 100mg at the time my side effects seem to subside to practically none apart from feeling very emotional but that could be down to hormones in general.i hope you get you BFP soon.



Thanks for your reply. I was lead to believe I could only have this medication for 6 months. 58 day cycle wow that seems like a long time, do you know when you ovulate now after all the pills? I'm just worried that my progesterone count was high before and I'm taking tablets that I don't really need and that I now don't know when my peak making days are as OPK don't work for me xx


Hi Mrsjj. Unfortunately, Clomid doesn't always regulate you straight away. You will need to be patient and wait for your period to start so that you can commence your next cycle. Obviously check that you are not pregnant if it should be taking a while to start. Hope it soon settles into a more normal pattern - or better still that you become pregnant. Diane


Thanks for taking time to respond, glad this is sort of normal I just felt as though my ovulation was fine before and now I don't know what is happening. X


Hi Mrsjj. Hopefully all will soon settle down. Clomid is usually prescribed for 6 cycles, so even if the cycle is long like your first one is, you still have 5 cycles to go, so it's not strictly 6 months, as cycle lengths can vary. Good luck! Diane

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Hi MrsJJ, I was put on 50mg of Clomid days 2-6 for IUI, but I overresponded producing too many follicles so the clinic cancelled the IUI. I too ovulate normally accoding to temperature tracking, LH OPKs, blood tests (and other ovulation symptoms) and this was the first cycle in 2 years since TTC that I did not ovulate! (no LH surge and no usual symptoms) My period did come on time but it was unusually light and short (due to lack of ovulation I think). So I will be staying away from Clomid now... I hope it works better for you!! X


Thanks for your response that is how I feel, I got my period today but I now feel out of control of my cycle. I think I might take the three rounds prescribed and then when I see gyno again tell her it's not helping me. Xx


Hi MrsJJ, I got very similar symptoms to you when I was on chomid but it only lasted when I was actually taking the tablets I was fine the rest of the month! I'm happy to say I got a BFP on my 6th cycle :)

Have you had your bloods done to see if it had made you ovaulate or not? X


Ah congratulations I love to hear a success story. I get my blood results next week. Just started the second round of tablets it's going to be hot in bed tonight ha ha xx


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