Egg collection done ✅

Hey ladies,

So your not going to believe this but I survived egg collection!! Lol.

Went into theater and remember saying I felt drowsy and that's the last thing I remember. Woke up coming back to recovery room and supposedly I was trying to take my oxygen mask off because I had slavers (can't vaguely remember this lol).

I was kept in as my blood pressure and heart rate were so low and I have to be given IV fluids. Also had some bleeding during procedure which they wanted to monitor but all well now and on my way home.

19 eggs collected 😀

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  • well done you and 19 eggs wow. Wishing you all the best over the next few days. Keep us posted on how things are going :-)

  • Well done hun!!! The big step is done and another two steps left :) best wishess!!! Xx

  • Well done! :D what a great number of eggs! lots of rest now for the rest of today :D


  • Great number well done 👍🏻

  • Great stuff..that's a lot of eggs..well done xx

  • Wowsa 19! Well done Amanda, we had our protacol consultation tdy, all went well and we could be potentially doing EC next month. The wife Need to start taking ends next week, then the Scan tinfolliwing adter 14 days then injections m, if all goes according to plan, EC will be done on 23rd November. Hope everything continues to go well with you guys.

  • Thanks so much everyone.

    I'm a little tender now. To me it feels really sore but I can't take pain lol. Taking paracetamol and using a hot water bottle. Does anyone have any tips on anything else that might help ease the pain?

    Thanks xxx

  • Well done!! 19 is fab. My ec is Wednesday can't wait so excited, I know what's coming so not nervous xxx

  • Thanks missy!

    That's great your EC is Wednesday. I can imagine it must feel so much better knowing what to expect!

    Do you know what pain relief I can take after EC? Is it just paracetamol or can I take ibuprofen too? Xxx

  • I would take just paracetamol xxx get some rest and il keep you posted xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • That's brilliant 😃💘

  • Thanks dexter xxx

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