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Waiting game for IVF- advice needed please :)

So we went for our IVF initial consultation yesterday…. It’s been a long 4 years of tests, operations, treatment. I do feel disheartened as I’m so keen to start and would ideally like to have my 1st round completed prior to Christmas (We are NHS funded). I have low AMH, so they have decided to do the short protocol (starting on day 2 of my cycle) with the maximum dosage of drugs. But we need to wait for our planning appointment (injection training, HIV bloods and sign the consent forms). I am an in-patient person if I’m entirely honest. I cope better when I know dates of appointments and when things are going to happen…

The waiting is the hardest part, they stated there is not much of a waiting list for planning appointments, up to 6 weeks.

Anyone else been treated at Exeter? How long did you have to wait for a planning appointment after IVF consultation. Also I believe there may be 2 planning appointments before starting treatment.

I’ve rang the clinic again today to try and get a better idea of when it may happen, I think I drive them mad, I’m awaiting for them to call me back.

Any advice would be very useful.

Best wishes to you all. xx

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Hey Hun! What is your amh level? Mine is 8.4 and was told that was low for my age but normal for ivf. I'm on long protocol. Just wanted to wish you all the best. After my initial consultationmy nurse appointment was the week after ( last week) and I am due to start my down regulation this Friday x

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Hey thanks for your reply, are you being funded by NHS? I'm 29 with an AMH of 8. Looks like we might be doing IVF together. Have you got a start date?xx


Hey Hun yeh my cycle is NHS funded and we only get one cycle funded :( so hope it works. I'm also 29!! But I feel happy thatt my levels are ok for ivf. I start my down regulation this Friday so I guess I will probably start stiming the week after next! If all is well :) how about you x


Whereabouts are you in the UK? yes we get one cycle, and a frozen cycle if we get enough eggs.

I hate all the waiting, drives me insane, they reckon nurse appointment at the end of the month, but maybe egg collection not till January.

Fingers crossed for your Christmas baby.xx


I really hope that we do get our xmas baby! I don't like all the waiting around either but saying that it as nice to have a few months off and we have been lucky that my consultation as only 2 weeks ago and were starting this Friday. I guess it helped that my period started on time in September lol. Maybe ask if they have any cancellations for your nurse appointment. I was told I would have to wait 2 or 3 weeks after my consultation but when I phoned the reception they said I could book it before my consultation. I just explained that as I work and have meeting etc I needed a date to work around


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