Egg Transfer yesterday!

I had my egg transfer yesterday, we had ICSI we had 17 eggs collected, 15 mature and 11 fertilised.On transfer day they said only one was at the correct stage! so we have had our 1 good embryo put in( fingers crossed one is all we need) since transfer I have had a really upset stomach - I am putting it down to all progesterone and oestrogen I am taking.

Has anyone else experienced this? I feel pretty sick - especially after I have eaten.

Would you start to get symptoms of OHSS so soon after transfer?

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  • Hi MrsK1rk. Well done and fingers crossed all goes well for you. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, just in case your ovaries are still a bit active. Rest when you can, and should you get any pain just take paracetamol only, no anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Diane

  • good luck, think positive and take it easy x

  • hello MrsK1rk

    firstly welcome to the 2ww, i was exactly the same as you, i had 17 collected 15 were injected and 10 fertilised come day 3 i only had 2 good enough, one was grade 2 with only 4 cells (slow grower but really good quality) and the other was grade 3 with 7 cells, i didnt have any to freeze and none of the 2 good ones were strong enough to freeze so we had them both put back in.

    2 day after transfer i had an awful tummy, not sickness just bottom end, but it soon passed, i was also in alot of pain when going for a wee but thats all becasue so many eggs were collected and i was at higher risk of ohs which sounds like you may be the same, the only advise i can give you is drink LOADS of water and it does get easier. if you have any questions give me a message,

    sorry for the essay lol

    good luck tho and i hope there is a bfp at the end :-)


  • Sorry for the massively late reply! I ended up with the D&V majorly and was advised by my clinic to go to A&E.

    Sat in A&E all day with a fluid IV after being up all night! in the end they said I had mild hyper stimulation but that was to be expected - tbh I think I had a stomach bug from somewhere just ended up coinciding with my transfer!

    I was really worried about the affect this would have on my embryo - but I have tested early (Woops - the clinic told me to wait til day 10 tomorrow) and I have a BFP! fingers crossed for s sticky one!

    Thank you for your replies, even though I didn't reply at the time i did read them - and they were very comforting.


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