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Glandular Fever

Hello All,

The DH has just found out he's got glandular fever. The incubation period is long gone now as he's probably had it for a few weeks, but at 12 weeks pregnant, should I be concerned? I've googled it and it seems that the illness itself doesn't harm the bean should I catch it, but isn't there risk with any illness that causes a fever? I'm trying not to be all panicking hypochondriac about it, but it's good to be careful, right? And I swear I'm getting a sore throat!!! 😂Xx

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Hi MonkAK. At 12/40wks gestation your little one will have developed a nice snug placenta (previously a chorionic villi). This should protect him/her against such "nasties". Try not to worry as this placental barrier protects. Just have some paracetamol and hot honey and lemon, should you develop a sore throat. No anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen - bad for baby. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes to plan. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you Diane, that is very reassuring. No sore throat today, so I think it was just the hypochondriac in me panicking last night! Thanks again. X


Hi MonkAK. No problem with having a "wobble"! Precious cargo on board! Diane

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I'm surprised I can still stand upright with all the wobbling I've been doing! ;-) x


Tee hee! xx


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