Safe hay fever remedies whilst having treatment!!

Anyone know of any safe hay fever remedies/drugs to take whilst having treatment? I usually take piriton but haven't had anything whilst having treatment but today is really bad, big red eyes, nose streaming due egg collection next week but then will be on 2ww wait so just wondered if there's anything I can take?? Thanks X 

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  • There is a new nasal spray that you can take while pregnant but I don't know what it's called I'm afraid. When I was having treatment at that time of year I declined that too because I was having Buserelin spray and worried it wouldn't work properly. If you're not spraying then that should be fine for you but might also be worth checking with your clinic to see what they think. Hayfever is miserable. Many people don't understand how awful it can make you feel. Headaches, depression as well as the visible symptoms. I feel for you. 

  • Aw thanks I went to the pharmacy and he recommended some tablets I bought them but haven't taken one as scared it will affect my treatment, I am back at the clinic in the morning so will ask there just to be on the safe side. I totally agree hay fever is horrid I have lovely red eyes and nose lol X 

  • Hi Button-123. As you say, unfortunately strong anti histamines as a whole should be avoided whilst trying to get pregnant. However, the common “non-drowsy” hay fever anti-histamines are usually OK to take whilst going through treatment, but need to be stopped when pregnant. There is an ointment called “Hay Max” which you can get from “Holland & Barrett” which is completely organic and harmless. It is just a cream that you put up your nostrils to catch pollen etc and I believe it works well. They do make other products too which might be beneficial for you. I’m sure your GP will reassure you further. Take care and I do wish you well with your cycle of treatment.  Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I bought the ones the pharmacist recommended and checked at the clinic yesterday and the doctor said they ok. I have held off though as not been as bad today as I have been indoors all day so only going to take if desperate X 

  • Hi Button-123. Good luck with it all.  Hopefully, if you've had any of this rain, it will dampen the pollen down a little for you.  Diane

  • Hi Button

    I feel your pain. My FET is scheduled for 17th and I just don't want to take anything but feel awful. Last year I used the spray and I'd forgotten about that until I saw the other reply. It helped a little last year and is safe in pregnancy so I'll be getting some today.

    Good luck with your treatment.


  • Thanks and good luck with yours X 

  • Hi button

    My acupuncturist had really bad hay fever when she was pregnant and was told about acupunture as it helps with the symptoms... It worked so well she left nursing, trained to be acupuncturist and now does that full time!!!

    Maybe look into someone who can help you?

    Holly x

  • I never thought to ask my Acupunture lady, not had any this cycle but might give her a call and see what she recommends X 

  • Have you thought about salt therapy? It's supposed to be good, I tried it last year and seemed to work but it can be a little drying so stay hydrated if you go for it. And acupuncture works too. You can also get saline sprays, sterimar I think they're called.

  • Never heard of salt therapy will get googling. I have a saline spray but it doesn't seem do anything X 

    Thanks x

  • It's hard to describe salt therapy but you basically sit in a room where the air is salty and you breathe it in. I'm sure there will be somewhere close to you that has this. It would take a couple of sessions to really work and it's maybe not for everyone as it is quite drying.

    Or the other thing is a neti pot with a salt solution. You make up the solution and pour it in one nostril and it comes out the other - pleasant sounding I know! With that, you have to be careful that you use boiled cooled water to kill any harmful bugs in the water. There have been cases in America where people have done it without boiling the water and ended up with a brain eating amoeba. That was kind if enough to put me off it tbh, even if it is rare and there have never been any cases over here!!

  • When you think about it, the salt therapy should work because you do get relief from hayfever when you go to the beach. At least I do!

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