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No joy with Doctor


Hi all,

I was really ready to give up but with all your remarkable spirit and positivity I decided we should look into trying to working with what we have by either Clomid or IUI or both as we just can’t afford another failed IVF cycle.

I went to the doctor today to talk through the options and getting some blood work done. I was literally in there 5 minutes. He wasn’t very encouraging and said it would be impossible to track my ovulation if it was irregular with the 21 day test and when I said I was so low and unsure of what to do next he sent me away with a blood test to check my thyroid levels.

He was so dismissive. I just want someone to tell me what we can do and what is out there that we can try x

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Hi there, I don't really have any advice but maybe one of the other ladies does. In relation to the thyroid blood test, have you had one in the past? I know it doesn't sound like much but if you've never had it tested, then it is a good place to start. It is important for your thyroid function to be within the correct parameters for trying to conceive (sorry if you already know this) and this is different to what is normal when you're not trying to conceive. Your doctor doesn't sound like he's been very helpful or empathetic, could you try making another appointment with a different doctor? Wishing you luck going forward wuth what you choose to do xx

Oh god so sorry, some doctors are just so insensitive. If you can perhaps give some open days at various clinics a go to discuss IUI’s and also the Fertility Show is in November, not that I’ve been, but I’ve heard there’s loads to professionals to talk to that maybe able to give you some advice on what to do next? Was it your GP you saw? Could you ask to be referred to a gynaecologist? Xx

Not very encouraging however if you haven't had your thyroid tested it might actually be a good place to start from to understand why ovulation isn't regular every month. Perhaps, whilst not with the best bedside manner so to speak, he is actually on the right track?

However we do have to remember that gps are general practitioners and therefore the fertility specialists would be best to advise.

Wishing you every hope and big hugs xx

That’s for the messages. The fertility show sounds like a great idea. I am already on thyroxine and it seems to be under control. I’m going for follow up appointment at Care in a couple of weeks. My last ivf was in August but I couldn’t face the follow up til now. Xx

Maybe see a different doctor, I've had vastly different reactions and information from one specialist to another. And yes, the fertility fair is a great place to broaden your perspective. Xxx

Do you know if it’s just the standard thyroid test or are they going to run the thyroids against antibodies too?

I know ivf is extremely expensive but I don’t think iui is that cheap either, considering. Our clinic charge around £7-800 a go. Is there any chance you would consider going abroad for treatment where it’s around half the price that it is here? Lots of ladies have had treatment abroad and I’m sure someone would be able to advise you..

I would ask for a second opinion. An empathetic Doctor can make all the difference in the world xx


Sorry to hear the doctor wasn’t more supportive ☹️ I’ve had some bad experiences with medics ☹️

It will depend on your fertility diagnosis what options are best for you.

If your hubbys sperm is good & your tubes are clear clomid maybe an option for you to try. Clomid isn’t a fertility drug as per say but can help ladies ovulate that struggle to.

We had unexplained infertility for 5 years & 10 months until my endometriosis was diagnosed. It was very frustrating not knowing why we could not conceive. I was dismissed & discharged by my first fertility doctor & told it was trying or IVF & we won’t fund you. Luckily through gynae issues I was referred to my current fertility doctor who has been amazing, he found the cause of infertility & afterwards we conceived naturally twice ( one a chemical pregnancy)After 7 years of TTC, few surgeries to treat endometriosis & 1 round of clomid I am now 8 weeks pregnant . I think it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis of the cause of infertility & then you can make a plan & know what you are dealing with.

I hope your fertility specialist is more supportive & if you are in any doubt it’s your right to a second opinion xoxo

Doglover7866 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much for the reply. Hubby sperm is good and my tubes are clear. I have endometriosis but had lap a few years ago to remove what they could. I am tracking my ovulation but I didn’t have many follicles when i did my IVF. 6eggs first go, then two and one on last try. They didn’t get big enough to retrieve. I have reg periods. Everything seems ok but we have never been pregnant and have been trying for 7 years, so confused. xx

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I’m not medical but perhaps another laparoscopy could be the way forward? Preferably with an endo surgeon.

I say that as my endometriosis affected my fertility- it grew on POD, uteroscaral ligaments & rectum. It also threw my hormones all over place sometimes I’d ovulate on day 7/8!

I know not all women with endometriosis will have fertility issues but as endometriosis van &does regrew another laparoscopy might be a good idea.

After my last surgery I followed the anti inflammatory diet to ease endo ( surgery never gave me relief) , I consumed bee propolis as it’s healing for endometriosis, I took a low dose aspirin to suppress it ( I also have raised nk cells but fertility doctor will only let me take prednisone pregnant) I used progesterone cream to boost my progesterone as ladies with endo can have lower levels ( again my fertility doctor has issued progesterone pessaries during pregnancy something he doesn’t always do)& took clomid to boost ovulation. I can’t say which one was the biggest factor as they all played a part. I believe getting all of the endo cleared out really helped us conceive. We were also trying over 7 years. It’s a longtime isn’t it. I hope my suggestions can be of use xoxo

Doglover7866 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. It’s something I can speak to the fertility doc about. Is it something they can detect with internal scan or ultra sound? I can’t remember what they did last time. Would they have picked it up during IVF?

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Most endo doesn’t show on ultrasound unless you have the chocolate cysts that are associated with endo.My endometriosis only showed up during a laparoscopy.

I had most of the endo symptoms but not every women will do. xoxo

Please don’t be put off by this doctor’s dismissive demeanour. I know too well how upsetting those sort of appointments can be! Perhaps having the thyroid test done will do no harm and when you go back, could you try to get another doctor? xx

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