Wierd discharge at 11.5 weeks?

Hi everyone. Me again with my wierd paranoid brain. I swear this wait for my scan is throwing up all sorts of worries. I'm going slowly mad, it's like the second 2ww. Probably too much info but tonight I've got really weird discharge, it looks like snot? It doesn't smell or itch or anything but I've had some mild cramps? Can this just be from the medicine I'm still on? Or some other wierd pregnancy symptom? I've heard some women get discharge when on cyclogest, but the cyclogest goes up my bum not my vagina? So confused. Is this normal?

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  • Hi KittyK, it's a worrying time waiting for your 12wk scan - I remember. It could be a result of the cyclogest but as you've never had it before and it seems unusual I'd get it checked out. Have you seen your mid wife already? If so in Your maternity notes there should be a number to call if you've got any concerns or if not you should call the early pregnancy unit. They'll either be able to put your mind at ease or get you in for an early scan see what's going on. It's probably nothing to worry about but they will know for sure and put your mind at ease. Good luck xxxx

  • Hiya. Thanks for the reply. I'm going a bit mad. I have seen the midwife but there are like 20 different numbers on the front of the pack and no one is answering any of them? This sort of thing always seems to happen to me on a Saturday. I'm reluctant to go to my GP because last time they just threw an antibiotic prescription at me that the pharmacist told me I should never take when pregnant so I don't really trust them. I suppose I'll just have to try not go insane this weekend and hang on til Monday. Xxx

  • Hi. I've had a weird yellow/green discharge most of the way through my pregnancy. I've had 3 swabs taken and the only thing that showed up was a wee bit thrush. Think it must just be the change in hormones. I'm now 36 weeks and it's getting worse and worse. I'm also convinced it can't be right but I've been checked so just one of those weird pregnancy things.

    Try not to worry. Ask for a swab to be sent away but they will prob just say unless it's pink or red it's nothing to worry about.

    Best of luck to you.


  • Thank you for the reassuring reply. I've been in a horrible mood all night and all day. My mum and husband (bless them) are both stressing me out even more telling me don't have a bath if I'm leaking mucus an all sorts. I might try the midwife again Monday just to check but everything seems to close down on weekends, giving you enough time to drive yourself mad? Lol glad to hear it can be normal. Hopefully that's all it is. It sounds bad but I'm so miserable and bitter by everything thats happened at the moment it feels like...Well what're they going to do anyway if it is something at not even 12 weeks? Probably nothing. Wish I could tell my brain that though, stop it running a mile a minute. Thank you again xxxx

    Congrats on your pregnancy. Nearly there for you now :) x

  • Yeah phone midwife and ask to get a swab sent away. I'm gonna say try not to worry but I know exactly how you feel. The worry never stops. You get over 1 hurdle then another pops up. Ive had spotting, heavy bleeding after an internal exam etc etc now I'm panicking as I need to get the baby out now. Lol. All the focus was on getting pregnant and ivf now I'm petrified of the actual birth. I'm riddled with endometriosis and worried it's gonna cause problems.

    Try not to drive yourself mad or Google every symptom. Keep positive. I know how hard it is but as I said I've had the horrible discharge all the way through. The fact it not itchy or smelly is good. If you show any signs of pink or red phone the maternity triage number on your notes ( mines is 24hrs) they will advise you. They also said never feel that you are bothering them - that's what they are there for.


  • Thank you again. You're exactly right it never stops. Feels like whenever I finally get relaxed something else comes up.

    Wishing you all the best for the birth of your little one xxx

    Thanks again xxxx

  • When is your scan? I couldn't get mine until 13w + 4 days so I booked an early one privately. Can get them from £40-£60.

    I'm 9 weeks and getting a scan at 11 as I couldn't stand the thought of that wait!

    Long time from 7-13 weeks to wait.

    Might be an idea if you're worried and still have a couple of weeks to wait x

  • Yeah ours is 13 weeks too, not til the 7th :( I am going slowly mad. I didn't even think of booking a private one. I'll see if we can scrounge together the pennies for it. It'd be nice not to have to wait anymore I'm going a bit mad I think xxx

  • Definitely do a wee google search and see what you can get. I went for a £60 one but it's a 30 min appointment, a good thorough check plus pics on a USB and two prints but saw some for £39 too. X

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