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Is watery discharge normal?


OK, I know an increase in discharge in early pregnancy is normal & that's fine. I woke up this morning & could feel a leaking sensation. I went to the bathroom & it was like a clear, quite watery discharge. I've had it other mornings too but not to this extent. Later in the day it becomes more milky. Just wondering if this happens to us all? X

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Good morning Hidden 😊 Congratulations on your pregnancy. As far as I am aware this is normal and is caused by increased levels of estrogen. I hope every goes ok with your scan this week xx

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Thank you very much. I know I'm worrying about everything but this morning it did freak me out a little bit x

I’m getting it as well throughout the day xx

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Thanks for that, I do feel better about things when I hear other people have the same x

Hi Hidden I'm currently 17 weeks and I've had it since about week 4 (just before I got my bfp). It freaks me out cos sometimes it's loads & like I've peed myself or I think I'm bleeding, so gotta run to the toilet!! Apparently if it's clear or white discharge it's a good sign as it's the way your cervix cleans itself. If it goes a different colour or smells funny, call your gp as it could be an infection. Yours sounds fine though 😊 xx

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Thank you for the reassurance, its kind of you to share your experience & it definitely helps calm me down as I'm so paranoid about absolutely everything. I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 😘 xx

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