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Change of heart - IVF to IUI!

Hi all,

After having my pre treatment scan & bloods done before Christmas, today was my Consulation with the Doctor. She told me my AMH level is at 12.8 which is quite low for my age (29) & also doesn't really match my scan as that was more positive. I was told perhaps it's low due to being on the pill for many years!

Anyway, I was currently opting for IVF with donor sperm but I've decided to try IUI instead now. I am booked in for a Hycosy test to check my tubes are all good next Thursday! Nervous!

I thought it was worth a shot providing my scan is all good next week!! Keeping my fingers crossed for some good news!!

Hoping to get started soon afterwards. :)

Any IUI tips greatly appreciated!!

Wishing you all the best of luck.


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Wishing you the very best with your treatment-hope it brings you a shiny positive test ❤️

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Thankyou Jess! x

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