Feeling totally overwhelmed

I've cried tears of happiness this morning. My phone call from the embryologist was just after 9 am. I was incredibly nervous and she was very lovely. Gave me the news that all 7 of my eggs were mature and 6 have fertilised!! The 7th has started but it's very slow so unlikely to develop.

All being well aiming for transfer on Wednesday so I'm spending the next few days having happy positive thoughts!! Just had a reprofelxology session so well relaxed after my hyper morning!!

Wishing everyone well x

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  • That's great news! Well done and good luck for next week xxx

  • Great news, rest up now ready for transfer xx

  • That's brilliant news good luck for your transfer and look forward to your updates xxx

  • Brilliant news xxx

  • Great news xx

  • Aw, that's wonderful news Hellsbells, I'm so pleased for you!

    Maybe enjoy a restful few days so your body is ready to accept your little embie/s on Wednesday lovely.

    Sending positive vibes for your every success. Xx 😊

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